Mad Sewing Skillz

I’m kind of terrible at sewing. I realize that it’s the most cost and time efficient way to clothe my dolls, instead of scouring Etsy and Ebay or commissioning someone to make me a specific outfit, but it’s simply not a life skill that I’m good at. It’s all those tiny stitches, and that stupidly small eye of the needle, and all those pieces of tiny fabric! /sewing rage.

I found this pattern for a felt cape, and I thought it looked simple enough. At least the felt wouldn’t start coming to pieces and fraying from my handling it. Also, I figured since felt is thicker, it would be easier for me to sew too. The cape itself is really cute, and so seasonally appropriate ^^.

So I pulled out my craft felt and then this happened for a few minutes:


She’s lucky she’s so darn cute. She can do no wrong.

And this is the finished cape:

IMG_4364 IMG_4365IMG_4368

XD It’s like one of those pinterest memes that end in “Nailed it!” The felt looks a little tortured, and my stitches are so uneven and crooked. … I’m not going to lie though, I’m kind of proud of this cape. It’s actually the first thing I’ve successfully sewed for my dolls. I think I’ll practice making it a few more times to see if I can’t get it to look nicer. I definitely don’t have that many coats in my doll wardrobe, and I like the wool coat look of this cape ^^.

Pattern: From Bees Knees Industries blog.

10 thoughts on “Mad Sewing Skillz

  1. I think you did a great job, too. It is very easy to cut felt a bit crooked but yours look nice. If we lived close by we could have exchanged crochet items with sewn outfits :)) I love to sew but doll dresses are much harder to sew than kid or adult size outfit. I made a pair of shorts for all my dolls and one for my son. My son’s was the easiest to sew :)) also what I noticed is when I don’t sew for a while and open my machine , I never sew as easy as before. I make a bunch of mistakes and so on. There are so many things to consider when sewing for dolls. Nothing fits their scale really. Keep on making new things 🙂 your work will be rewarding. Now I want this cape as well :))) I just have to finish the cursed crossstitch pattern I started.

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    • Thank you! Ahh I have a sewing machine just set up on my desk but since it’s so old, I can’t figure out how to work it… And then the needle broke and I have yet to replace it, so it’s more ornamental than anything right now. There are a ton of doll clothing pattern books especially for takara dolls! I found a few floating around on Pinterest, and the books make the sewing look so easy (if only). The cape pattern is a bit fool proof because if you print the pattern as is, it’s completely to scale with a Blythe. XD I think if I was better at sewing, I would also just sew my own clothes.


      • Old machines can be awesome. My grandmother’s singer was the best. But their set up is a bit different. However I also had terrible old machines :)))
        I have a few of those coordinate doll books. You might like Dolly Dolly Simple DOLL COORDINATE Recipe FELT Dress or hajimete dolly coordinate recipe. Kinokuniya in NYC had a few of those books, if you like to look at them.

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  2. Your custom girl in the fox-ear hairband and matching cape is adorable!! Love your beautiful kitty, too. I’m sure your kitty was trying to help (?) you with your project. 😉 Are you by chance on Instagram??

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