Not quite there yet

I recently purchased a black Monique wig off of eBay in the style “Bebe” in hopes that it would suit my Marshall Lee inspired Azone Obitsu hybrid. Monique wigs are well liked in the BJD community, as they are very good quality and can be heat styled.

I’ve been having the worst time trying to purchase a wig for my Marshall Lee doll, because most of the wigs out there in this small of a size are for tiny/childish BJDs, and so the hair styles are very childish as well (think… mushroom bowl cut). XD I’m sorry to say that my search will still continue, because check this out:

That’s a lot of poof. Also, it reminds me of Early Bieber, circa the mid 2000’s. And not in a good way. Also, the wig stained my boy’s head! Luckily, I got most of it off with a magic eraser.

I can actually tell you exactly what this wig reminds me of, but I’m not sure how much of it will make sense XD. There’s this manga called Hirunaka no Ryuusei. If you ever plan on reading this manga, **SPOILER ALERT**

The main character is this straight forward, kind of odd high school girl from the country side who moves to the city to live with her uncle. She falls in love with her teacher, who deep down also has feelings for the girl too, but keeps himself from acting on his feelings but is also unable to truly reject her. That guy, when he was younger, dated this girl with a tomboy-ish hair cut who broke up with him to pursue her career. Later in the manga, the tomboy-ish hair cut girl comes back into the picture and is all like “You kids don’t know anything about life. I’m an adult, so I know more than  you. I participate in mature relationships, and as kids, you children should go run off and play,” and she tries to lock down the teacher in a casual relationship. I DON’T LIKE THAT CHARACTER!

/end spoilers

I’m tempted to buy a small amount of black alpaca, and trying to make a wig myself. Or attempting to make one out of yarn as practice, but the last time I tried that, I got frustrated during the part where I had to brush out the yarn strands and then sew them onto the wig cap.

Other than the wig, this boy doll will just need some red converse shoes ^^. I’m really happy with how his outfit came out, and I’m going to try to be patient with his wig situation.

6 thoughts on “Not quite there yet

  1. I think he looks really cute! You might have better luck with a fake fur wig, they come in all sizes and lengths and there are sellers everywhere for them. I don’t know if it’s the right size or not, or if you feel like waiting for shipping from Asia, but something like this might work:

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    • Thank you!! >_< I had purchased a faux fur wig from eBay from that seller and there was just way too much volume and then… I tried giving it a haircut and ended up ruining it (but it was only a few bucks so I wasn't too upset). I've sent a few pm's to some etsy sellers, and I'm hoping someone will get back to me and is able to create the wig I'm looking for.

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      • Oh, I’m surprised, usually those cheapo fur wigs are really thin, but yeah, the price is not too bad to experiment. I hope one of the etsy sellers works out for you. He’s going to look so cool when he’s finally finished!

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  2. How big around is that head? I’m trying to figure out what kind of head I want to use for my Cardcaptor Sakura dolls. (Not that I’ve bought their bodies yet, but…this is one of those things that’s been distracting me when I don’t want to do my reading for class. 😛 ) I’ve been worried about finding wigs for them, but since two of the original dolls came with hats, I’ve also been wanting to find heads that would be small enough to let them still wear their hats. I have a feeling that may not be possible, though. 😦 The hats are about the right size for Licca, or maybe a little small for her. (My Licca has those big ponytails, so I couldn’t try them on her, but I tried them on my Jennies. One of them has a smaller head than the other, strangely, and they fit that one perfectly, but were a bit small for the other Jenny, whose head seems to be almost identical to Licca’s.)

    Part of me wants to try getting the rooted Obitsu heads and then just giving them haircuts, but…I dunno, after what happened when I cut Pyrrha’s hair…


    • The wig size is 4.5 – 5″, and I just took a bit of string to measure around the head and it’s a smidge smaller than 5″ around. I wasn’t all that confident in my ability to cut a really styled short hair cut, so I went the bald head route :-/.


      • Sounds like that head is about the same size as Licca’s, then. Er, Jenny’s. Big Jenny’s. (Ack. Sounds like an enemy type for a video game.) The original CCS dolls have a head about 4″ around. 😦 But if it’s only 5″, the hats still might fit; Shaoran’s hat is pretty big, because it has to go over his molded hair (and they made it too large), and Sakura/Tomoyo’s hat only has to perch on the back of the head.

        Yeah, I don’t think I could cut a styled haircut, either. 😦 Not too much problem in Sakura’s case, since her hair is pretty simple, but Shaoran’s is supposed to be pretty poofy, but in a very specific way. I think I’ll probably go back to scouring Etsy for appropriate wigs. At some point. When I have time. And/or want to put off researching/writing my papers…

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