Late night crocheting

So I’ve been in a bit of a crocheting slump lately. It’s been some weeks since I’ve purchased a new skein of yarn, which might attribute to some of my lack of excitement for crocheting. A lot of the time, I’ll see a skein of yarn at Michaels and think of how gorgeous the yarn would look when made into a hat or scarf for me or my one of my dolls. Since I haven’t added any new skeins to my stash, I’ve been working with and looking at the same balls of yarn day after day. I guess my brain is desensitized to the colors and textures I own.

At some point during this winter, I do want to take on a rather big project – I want to make myself a sweater! I have 12 skeins of this rich, mid-tone blue satin sport yarn just sitting in my stash untouched. However, I need to mentally prepare myself for this kind of thing. I imagine making a sweater will take a while, and long projects are sort of a marathon for me. They test my endurance, and patience to look at the same thing hour after hour. I’m also the type of person who doesn’t like to have multiple crochet projects in the works at once, so that doesn’t help at all.

And since I had this sweater project in mind, of course, my brain tells me to procrastinate in crocheting a sweater by crocheting other things!


Animal-eared headbands! The deer headband was pretty annoying to make. The yarn for the antlers and the ears were kind of a pain to work with because of how thin they were. It was totally worth it though! I really like the deer motif for my dolls, and it’s perfect for Christmas ^^. I think I’ll be adding these mobius-style headbands to my shop, because I’m pretty pleased with how they came out.

I’ve actually made a considerable dent in my yarn stash this past month, making gifts for my friends and family, and also crocheting little things for blythe dolls. I hope to keep busting through my yarn skeins, and then I shall reward myself with something kind of luxurious – like a skein of nice alpaca yarn.


8 thoughts on “Late night crocheting

  1. The deer ears and antlers are absolutely wonderful! If you’re going to add those to Etsy, make sure you have several of them already made! (Because looking at the picture, I was thinking “That’s so cute! And I bet it would look good on Pyrrha…”)

    My mother bought some alpaca yarn at an art show recently. (Bizarrely, she did *not* buy any during her recent trip to Peru. Go figure.) I was amazed at how soft it was; that’s definitely one you should use to make something nice for yourself (or a friend or relative) to wear, rather than waste it on a doll; the softness should definitely be spent on those who have nerves to feel with. 😛

    Oh, random aside: after our recent discussion about finding good wigs for smaller dolls, I was looking at my list of favorited shops on Etsy, and saw one that had some very nice-looking Obitsu-sized wigs, and I was thinking “oh, I wonder if I should tell Olive about this shop?” Then I clicked on the shop’s “admirers” list, and saw your name on it. Guess I didn’t have to tell you about them. 😀

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    • Thank you!! I definitely need to find friendlier to work with yarn before considering listing the deer headband >_<. And if I splurge on alpaca yarn, it will definitely be for a scarf for myself. It will probably be the most plush article of clothing I own. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect wig, so I'm on etsy a lot looking at new search results, but if you find anything good, please link me!

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