Crochet – day and night

I’ve been crocheting a ton this weekend while rewatching episodes of How I Met Your Mother. I usually crochet while I have something familiar playing in the background, because I don’t necessarily have to pay close attention to the show to know exactly what’s going on, and I find background noise comforting.  I think after doll hats, my second favorite thing to crochet is baby gear. Baby things are also quite small, so the project can be completed fairly quickly (the hat was finished in one to two hours). This was my first time crocheting a diaper cover – the tricky thing about the diaper cover is that I have ZERO concept of a normal baby’s dimensions… I’m not entirely sure that the diaper cover will fit over a baby’s diapered butt. Baby things are so darn cute! 
I’ve also crocheted a number of Blythe hat/scarf sets. I’m attempting to plan my first Blythe meet, and since it’s so close to the gift giving season, I’ve decided to crochet a few things to give to my Blythe-loving friends who can make it to the gathering (as a sort of thank you for coming, and as prizes for a mini-game I’m planning, which I’m hoping won’t be entirely cheesy). I’m actually slightly terrified that I will be the only person to show up to the meet.whynoonecomes

I think the hardest part about planning something like this is finding a scheduled time that works for most people.

Feeling a little crocheted-out.


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