My Christmas wishlist

It’s insane how quickly this year has passed, and that it’s already almost Christmas. My mom and sister, because of the influence of the Kdrama “Answer me 1988” (or “Reply 1988”), have decided that this year my family will be celebrating Christmas Secret Santa style. Now, I’ve only ever casually linked my sister to my blog once or twice, and never my parents (because they would flip if they saw how much I spent on my hobbies), so the chances of my secret Santa getting anything on the list below is slim to none.

It’s also really hard to convey that I would want a Blythe to family and friends!

  1. Unless the Blythe is a new release (more like, released-this-very-minute-purchased-by-preorder), the price tag is a bit much. Availability is also an issue.
  2. I can’t really expect my friends or family to join doll adoption/sales groups or communities, and stalk them for deals or sales posts for dolls on my wishlist.
  3. It’s hard to explain the value of Blythe dolls and specific releases to an outsider of the hobby.
  4. I don’t want to deal with any shaming from plebes.

On the offchance that any of my friends or family members do stumble onto my blog, here is my wishlist!

  • Anything I’ve favorited on Etsy – My Etsy favorites list is pretty extensive. Whenever I have a bit of extra spending money, I like to browse my favorites and pick up a new dress or pair of shoes for my girls. An Etsy gift card would be really nice ^^.
  • A Button Arcade dress – I really love the use of multiple fabrics and the small details added to this designer’s dresses. The signature pockets are so flipping adorable.


  • A new scalp for Rory – I’m not entirely happy with how I cut Rory’s bob, and I’m not a huge fan of the highlighter orange and pink shade. I would love an alpaca reroot for her, or one of these beautiful scalps by AKA07Blythe.


  • A Repro Licca chan
  • Cat themed jewelry – sooo cuteeee


  • Nice yarn – I would love some nice sock yarn or alpaca yarn ^^.
  • A stock translucent Blythe with non-fantasy colored hair – I would really love Nostalgic Pop!

XD Am I missing anything important from my list? Is anyone expecting dolly things for the holiday season?

2 thoughts on “My Christmas wishlist

  1. Augh, stupid school internet. I typed in this long(ish) reply, and it lost it when I tried to post it! Ugh. Okay, trying to remember what I said…

    I can’t tell my family about my dolly habit, so I can’t get doll-related things fir Christmas. 😦 That’s one of the reasons I’m buying my “Christmas presents” for myself. :p (The other reason being all the sales, of course…)

    Those Blythe scalps are gorgeous! I wish they were available as wigs. I don’t know when I’ll get my next Blythe, but whenever I do, I want her to be a bald factory girl so I can change her hair as often and as easily as I like. (This won’t happen for quite some time, though, in light of all the Pullip-buying I’ve done lately. (So much for my “stop buying Pullips” plan!) It’s just the sales, and then finding one of my grail dolls on Mandarake (technically, I haven’t bought him yet, but they had five as of last night, so I think I’m safe for now…) and…I have totally no willpower…)


  2. I’ve seen some equally gorgeous wigs! I prefer the secure feeling of an attached scalp, but maybe check out Leeke world or etsy for wigs that would fit Blythe ^^. I think maybe Ali express may also carry pastel wigs in Blythe size.

    I’m supposed to be saving money and budgeting, but I’ve been doing poorly on this as well. I blame the holiday season… It’s putting me into a spending mood.


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