9 Months of Blythe

This post will be kind of a “Things I’ve learned” rambling entry. The month of December usually puts me in a weird mood, with the holidays, and the whole saying goodbye to 2015, and having to adjust to the year being 2016 (adjust, meaning I have to remember to date things as 2016, even though my hand (out of muscle memory) demands I write 2015… is this just me?). I wanted to reminisce and talk about the things I’ve learned, and maybe how the doll hobby has affected my life, so here goes!

I feel like, with every new doll I acquire, I’m learning more about myself as a collector. Here are some of the major things I’ll be taking away this year, as my ninth month of collecting and 2015 comes to a close.

  • I wish I had done more research and splurged a bit more on a blythe I really wanted rather than only considering the more economical options. I kept my budget to $140, which at the time I thought was being generous. I wasn’t sure if I would like being in the Blythe hobby, so I didn’t want to invest so much money on a single doll. I guess this says a lot about hindsight, and I think I was trying to be practical. Nowadays, $140 for a doll doesn’t seem all that outrageous.


  • I prefer the Takara Blythe stock body over the jointed Azone or Sweetiiger body for Blythes. The jointed limbs aren’t very good at supporting a blythe doll’s big head. I haven’t tried a Licca body on my blythe dolls because I can’t decide which one to try it on.


  • I’m too much of a perfectionist, and way too hypercritical of myself to be customizing dolls regularly. I am also lacking in patience. All of these character traits lead to a stressful customizing experience.
  • I like Middies, but I don’t like having separate wardrobes. All my dolls are sisters, they must be able to share! … Just kidding. But seriously, I don’t see myself purchasing a doll that isn’t able to wear 1/6 scale clothes.
  • Sometimes, the Pinterest gods smile upon me and I’m able to create new dos worthy to be #hairspiration.


  • I’m (currently) not up to the task of being a diligent BJD owner. I think the thing with BJDs is that there’s just too much going on – there’s the stringing, interchangeable eyes, wigs, the fact that the resin will yellow, the option to suede. Simply put, I’m not cut out to be a bjd owner.

My wallet’s empty stomach aside, I’m glad to have discovered the doll hobby. I’ve made a handful of friends and met a ton of nice people because of this shared love of Blythe dolls and miniature things. I wouldn’t have thought it, but Blythe dolls get me out of the house for photography, attending meets, and even out of the state to attend my first Blythe Con. My dolls offer a creative outlet for me in crocheting, occasionally sewing, and blogging, and these things bring me joy (or atleast a reprieve from my anxiety).

Here’s to another year in the doll hobby ^^. I wish everyone happy holiday hauling, and may all your dolly hopes come to fruition! (/end cheeziness).

8 thoughts on “9 Months of Blythe

  1. Part of me wants to do a round-up like this for my serious dive into the deep end of doll collecting, looking back on the stuff I’ve gotten since I started my doll blog in April, but…I’m not sure I have the strength to stop and think about all the money I’ve blown on this hobby since then. It’s pretty scary. (I had a total of four full-size Pullips before April, all purchased for $30 each via Tuesday Mornings and one seller on Amazon who sometimes offers TM-like prices. Now…yikes…)

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    • XD I try to remember that most hobbies are expensive. And then I rationalize that I could be spending money on other things, like eating out all the time. I think in the end, it probably evens out. (XD or so i tell myself)

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      • I’ve found myself doing my best to eat in/take my lunch to school in order to save money for my dolls. 😀 Now if only that would also make me lose weight… 😛

        At least dolls are cheaper than constantly buying full new wardrobes for oneself, or replacing your car every year or two. Those are the ones I keep telling myself; that’s what most women my age spend all their extra cash on. (Unless they’re spending it on their kids…but dolls are as close to kids as I’ve got, so…)

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  2. thanks for the sharing and once again welcome to the blythe world ^_^ i do feel the same as you when i first started collecting blythe – it kind of helps to meet new people, particularly to meet those to share the same interest =D with middies, i have a few and i don’t tend to get any clothes for them – unless i really really REALLY like the outfit – i either make them stuck with their original outfits or find a top that fits my NEO with a longer length. middies it fun to play with i think and much lighter too =)

    i look forwards to seeing your new girl’s pictures ^_^

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