Happy Holidays, Welcome back, and Welcome home!

I’m excited to share the newest addition to my dolly shelf, as well as hail the return of my first Blythe, Finley! First, the new girl:

I am the proud owner of a Wendy Weekender! She is an FBL mold, and had been on my wishlist for some time. I’m partial to the color of her hair, and I’m excited to add a new face mold to my collection. I purchased her on an adoption group on Facebook as NRFB, and received her within a week. That was about three weeks ago, so she’s been sitting in my sister’s room until Christmas. Why, you may ask? ^^ Because my sister is my secret Santa, and when I guessed she might be, she offered to pay for my new girl as my gift.

I noticed that she has a blemish on her cheek, which I’m going to chalk up as a factory imperfection. It doesn’t bother me too much, because it didn’t muck up her blush and is only slightly noticeable in photos. Also… She was a steal.

So far, I really adore the color of Wendy Weekender’s hair in person. Her FBL face also seems a smidge more cherubic than my other girls (it might be in my imagination though). I also like her super loud stock, because it makes me think of how you think a child might dress with no parental supervision.

This Button Arcade dress is my new girl’s “welcome to the fold” dress :D. 23957142225_82c3c822dc_kI’m thinking of naming her Reese. She definitely needs a hair spa.

Last but not least, Finley returned home right in time for Christmas! I left Finley with Chantilly Lace for customization while I was at Blythe Con Chicago, which was back in the middle of October. I was stoked when the mailman dropped Finley off earlier than expected, because the estimated delivery date was this Saturday.23931508316_53f2fc296e_kHer complexion is soooooo smooth and loooveeelyyyy.23957599875_d00afbd49e_kI put her in one of my Plastic Fashion dresses, and I think she looks super sweet. I’m so happy with how Finley turned out. The custom work is very clean, and Finley is so darn cute. I do feel like I have to get to know her again though, since she looks so drastically different now.FullSizeRender_14.jpgHere is my updated Blythe collection!23328893064_12d7c7cf69_kFrom left to right: Marina, Finley, Rory, Name TBA

XD Marina and Wendy Weekender look like sisters!

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday and weekend!

10 thoughts on “Happy Holidays, Welcome back, and Welcome home!

  1. Congrats! I was looking forward to see the new Finley, she is very pretty. WW interested me a while back but the price of her went up and I got into other dolls. I love her fun style and hair color. FBLs seem chubby cheeks to me as well 🙂 I think because their eyes are slightly smaller , maybe that’s why? Are you going to customize her ?

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    • Thank you! I think I will most likely do a few small customizations. I might change out a pair of chips and do a gaze lift though (but maybe not if her head is impossible to open like Cadence Majorette!). I might also give her a Licca chan body, but I’m not sure. I can’t decide between giving the one Licca chan body to WW or to Finley… Or maybe Rory. I’m so indecisive >_<


  2. The blemish on the check is entirely to be expected many of the later FBLs have terrible blush my zinochika had even but an odd colour blush ( not as advertised) and a friends lavender hug has blush that is not only two compleatly different colours but is on a compleatly different colour. 😦 I shall have to do a post

    Dolly xoxo

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  3. Somehow, this didn’t show up in my reader! (Ugh, is it glitching again?) Anyway, congrats on your new (and improved) doll(s)! I love Wendy Weekender’s Lolita glasses. 😀 I remember seeing her on Amazon and thinking “what pretty hair…and those glasses!” But her price went from quasi-affordable to “yikes!” so that never happened for me.

    Finley’s new look is very pretty and sweet. 🙂

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    • Thank you! XD I also really love her sunglasses (love all stock glasses). I’m glad I spotted her for an affordable price, and I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I feel like I’m getting to know two new girls, but it’s probably more correct to say I’m getting to know WW and reacquainting myself with Finley. ^^ also, I’ve decided to name my new girl Reese.

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