My 2016 New Year’s (Doll-related) Resolutions

  • Stick to my fun money budget better.

I already made a budget plan for myself a while back, and in the beginning, I was doing great sticking to it… Then the holidays came, and Junie Moon released the information for their February Release Cherie Babette, and bad days at work make me want to shop. Since I already put the money down for the pre-order for Cherie Babette, I don’t anticipate any near-future doll purchases. My doll shelf is also filling up, and I’m trying to keep my collection to the one shelf.IMG_5591.JPGI also suffer from this sort of anxiety that if I don’t buy something I love when the opportunity arises (i.e. something I want becomes available and there is a limited quantity, or something I want is on sale), I’ll be missing out. Take the below items for example:IMG_5671.JPG

I’ve been searching forever for dark red converse shoes that fit Pure Neemo feet for Marshall Lee. I got both pairs for $3 total on eBay (they’re not the BEST in quality, but at least Marshall Lee is not barefoot and it only set me back a few bucks). I’m also a sucker for deer, foxes, and gingham, so I had to get this Plastic Fashion dress for my future new girl.

  • Learn how to sew

This one seems a bit too ambitious for me. Maybe I’ll sign up for a sewing class first. I have so much fabric at home, but none of the skills to make tiny articles of clothing or work a sewing machine (which I also have… just gathering dust in my room). I don’t really have an excuse not to try >_<.

  • Keep active in the Blythe hobby

I’m not sure what 2016 has in store for me, but I want to keep in mind to take the time to enjoy my doll family at least once a week by doing any of the following: Redress my girls, Do a photo challenge, Learn to sew, Learn to knit, Try new crochet patterns, Attend Blythe meets, and/or Blog.

My resolutions aren’t too tough! I just have to buckle down on the spending, and just keep practicing with the sewing.

Happy New Year everyone!

5 thoughts on “My 2016 New Year’s (Doll-related) Resolutions

      • Thanks for the tip! I remember finding some of the instructions and pictures confusing, so I’m sure some videos would help. I’m also left handed and that was a challenge, too, since the directions are usually for righties! And you’ll definitely find a lot of sewing tutorials on YouTube, as well. The internet pretty much taught me how to sew! (I’m still not that great but feeling more and more confident about it as I go.) 😀

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