It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter

I took Finley out today when meeting my friend, who brought her two girls – a Manuheali’l Paradise Girl and a My Melody.24137031995_a0fe692b20_z

Her girls are both super gorgeous! And completely different from one another. My friend’s collection of Blythes is so eclectic, now that I think about it (off the top of my head, I believe she also has a custom Simply Vanilla and a Bianca Pearl).

I love being able to bring my Blythes out, and taking photos against varied scenery. I’m also glad that I have a good friend to be able to do these things with, because I would probably be too self-conscious to go about with a doll by myself.

We also made a stop at Michaels (those holiday sales though 😦 ). I purchased two sets of pens/markers and some beads I thought would look perfect on Reese’s pull string. ALSO, my Hobonichi planner came in the mail today!!24054408921_03b53f9648_z23769207819_17fe690ee5_zI’m never sure what to do with the leftover beads… Make myself some fun, eclectic jewelry? Bracelets maybe? I dunno.


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