Three day weekend goodness

I have a three day weekend!! I love three day weekends, because during weekdays I never feel like I have enough time to do all the things I want to do. I always feel rushed, and before I know it, it’s time for me to sleep. On weekends, I try to plan out my days to maximize the free time I have, whether it’s finishing projects, running errands, cleaning, or starting something completely new. Speaking of which…24314480602_bed85bb74c_kThe saran hair I ordered came in the mail today! I’m planning on rerooting a scalp I purchased from Cool Cat (still waiting on the scalp). I’ve been wanting a new scalp for Rory, as I wasn’t happy with the way I cut her hair. My IRL Blythe friend mentioned she really wanted to try rerooting with thermal saran, and so I took this as an opportunity to reroot as well! I’m hoping to have like… a reroot party… where we just turn on a movie, and reroot scalps together XD… and complain together maybe? (my idea of fun). I’ve decided to go with a mostly pink scalp with streaks of mint and yellow. I didn’t want to do just a one hair color reroot, because I feel like it would be better to just buy a fake scalp on eBay. I also wanted to keep Rory pink haired, since I’ve re-homed my other pink haired girl. I imagine that rerooting will probably take me some weeks… maybe months. I’ll make progress reports!

I am also planning on giving Reese a hair spa this weekend.23794542834_d90de780f5_z

It’s long overdue >_< . Also, that white sweater she’s wearing is the official spa day apparel in my home. Since it’s white, and made of a pretty sturdy cotton material, I don’t mind if it gets a bit wet while Reese’s hair dries. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the slight wave in her hair after the spa. I might put her hair in curlers.

Last doll related thing – I redressed my girls! Sometimes, I feel like I have way too many articles of Blythe clothing. Redressing my girls helps me edit their wardrobe, and figure out what I want to sell and what I want to keep. Even though I’ve accumulated quite a bit of clothes, I find I struggle to coordinate the pieces into outfits I’m happy with. More often then not, my girls are dressed in clothes that I don’t think are really their style. Ah well.


2 thoughts on “Three day weekend goodness

  1. Happy 3 day weekend! I’m excited to see your scalp! I love the choice of colors. I have the same problem with clothes.. I’ve got a number of items, but I find matching them up into functioning outfits really difficult, especially if your trying to make the outfit match your dolls personality… Your dolls are still extremely cute!!

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    • Thank you! It’s also really hard for me to pick and buy versatile pieces, because I tend to make spur of the moment buys on really stunning or adorable dresses. I think I need to focus on getting separates.


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