Getting to know you~


Reese is wearing a dress from MINIJIJO and Licca chan shoes. She’s had a hair spa, and I tried to maintain the slight wave in her hair by putting in some curlers while her hair dried. Her and Marina look like very opposite twins! Like, sisters trying really hard not to look like each other at all (a chorus of “we’re our own people okay??!”).

Reese looks a bit like the odd one out on my shelf. She’s the only uncustomized girl I have, but I do feel that she rounds out the group by making the number of TBLS to real releases even. I really love her FBL face!

Mail Roll Call!

  • Faux fur wig from etsy for Marshall Lee (will probably take some weeks to get to me)
  • Washi tape from eBay
  • Cherie Babette (should arrive sometime in February hopefully)
  • Coolcat scalps (I think this is at the post office waiting for me to go pick them up)

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