Snowed in 

I used to love snow when I was a kid. The snow seemed special somehow, because it only happened a few times during the winter, and even then, sometimes it didn’t stick or was too powdery for any kid shenanigans. The snow was a promise of snow angels, snow forts, and if there was enough of it, a snow day.

I am now so over the snow :(. I think it has to do with the fact that instead of playing with it, I am now responsible for shoveling it. And all I can think of now is, IF ONLY BLIZZARD JONAS CAME A DAY LATER.

Anyway, I gave Marina a hair spa this weekend, which involved a trim and a wash.  She has an insane amount of hair, and it’s longer than she is tall. I normally have it braided or in a pony tail. Her hair is surprisingly well behaved when wet! I decided to give her curls to see how she would look.IMG_6186.jpgAnd voila. I have no idea what her hair is made of that it holds a curl so well! This new do definitely gives Marina a different vibe. The hair spa definitely made her hair softer. I wish I had a chunky knit sweater to put her in. img_6187I’m also working on a reroot for Rory. I’ve finished prepping the scalp, though I’m not convinced that my crochet hook will be able to pop through the holes I made. The hole punching part took me two days (of sporadic hole poking throughout the day). Now I have to prep the hair and start rooting. I think if I successfully complete the first scalp, I will try rooting with mohair or alpaca on my second scalp.

I hope everyone is staying warm!


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