A Doll A Day – Week One

I might have mentioned this before, but I decided to try a doll photo challenge! The one I am attempting is A Doll A Day, which I guess I was technically supposed to start on January 1st (oops). Currently, I am on day 7 out of 366.


This is my favorite photo from this first week (2/366). I think Finley looks particularly sweet, and it reminds me of the more recent episode of Adventure Time with BMO and Football (BMO’s friend who lives on the other side of the mirror). That cat dress, which I bought for Rory, also looks way better on Finley (sorry, Rory).

I think doing this photo challenge will be good for me. It’ll help me be more active in the blythe hobby, and it doesn’t involve shopping XD . It also encourages me to redress my girls often. I’m kind of running out of ideas on how to creatively photograph my dolls though (and only one week in too).

Some things I will be posting about soon:

  • Rerooting! – I’m working on a saran reroot for Rory. It is SLOW GOING. I just want to share my progress here on the blog.
  • A Complete (???) Marshall Lee – Marshall Lee’s wig will be shipping in a few days! The etsy seller knows the character I am basing my doll off of, and said she’d try to style the fur wig accordingly. I am very excited for my azone/obitsu hybrid to be complete.

Woo Wednesday tomorrow. We are halfway to the weekend.


9 thoughts on “A Doll A Day – Week One

  1. Finley looks lovely and the photo is awesome! As for ideas for photos, if you run out of ideas you can always rely on simple daily actions, even if inspired by a little detail of your own day. I hope you post more of those pictures!

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    • Thank you!! I’m not very good with using miniatures like Rement, but it’s times like this I wish I had more. If not to make my photos more than just portraits. One of my hopes is that I’ll get better at taking photos ^^


    • Yesssss that is exactly what I did XD. I actually wasn’t sure how the A doll a day challenge worked because everyone else’s photos were numbered in accordance to the date, so I wasn’t sure if it was too late. It seemed fun and unlike the monthly challenges for Blythe, I wouldn’t need to follow a set theme for the day.


  2. If I had more time for photography, I would *so* take part in that challenge! (Though I fear I’d try to add another layer of challenge by making each photo of a different doll. That would get totally crazy.)

    If only my house was tidier and I didn’t have to clear off a spot every time I want to take pictures…

    Well, maybe I can do this next year. 😛 I’m looking forward to seeing your photos, though! 😀 This one’s really fantastic.

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    • Thank you! I’ve been alternating between my girls, whoever gives me most inspiration to take a photo at the time. I kind of wish I had some daylight by the time I get home, but also… I nowadays feel like time is going by too fast, so I don’t wish for more daylight.


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