Yes, I just gave my Cherie Babette a spa. I didn’t realize it, but the hair spa is a big part of my bonding process. I received Cherie Babette yesterday morning, deboxed her, redressed her, and set her on my shelf. Since I felt like procrastinating other things today, I decided to give my new girl a hair spa. 

When her illustrations came out back in December, I was hoping she would have shorter hair. Cherie Babette’s hair is actually on the longer side, and supposed to be curled inward, so after the wash I decided I would put her hair in curlers. While washing CB’s hair, I noticed how pretty the color is! It’s a warm, dark, reddish brown.  I also noticed the translucency of her skin and how vivid her make up was!  Her pull ring is also translucent :The lower pull ring belonged to Finley. 

^^ After the curlers were put in her hair, and she was redressed, the name Elowyn popped in my head. She really is quite special and very different from the rest of my blythes.

I’m happy she’s joined my family, but I’m a teeny bit overwhelmed by the population of five giant Blythe heads on my one doll shelf. XD They barely all fit on there, and I’m feeling outnumbered! 

Cherie Babette Is Here

My Cherie Babette arrived maybe one hour ago XD.I preordered her from CCtoys, and it took about 2 weeks for her to get to me from Hong Kong. It’s been a bit nerve wracking, as I’ve seen that a bunch of people had already received their girls a week before I did, and a lot of them reported cracks and other blemishes on Facebook groups. My CB isn’t perfect, but I’m not sure how worth the hassle it would be for me to ask for an exchange.  

   My CB has a very loose waist and neck. She also has a very thin line that shines a bit differently on one of her cheeks – it doesn’t pick up on camera and it’s hard to see unless I look for it (I actually asked my mom and she told me she can’t see it).I didn’t bother putting her in the big bear kigurumi, and instead put her in the Plastic Fashion dress I’ve been saving for her and the new shoes I got from Kuloft. She definitely needs a hair spa (too lazy) and a name! I was thinking Everly, Cecily, Tea, Tallulah, or Eevee. I’m still thinking about it. Cherie Babette will most likely be the last Blythe I get in 2016 (unless I find myself in a good position in life at the end of the year). I think having her come home kind of marks the end of something – maybe the end of my putting real life decisions off. … UGH. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!

Reroot Reboot

This is part 3 of my rerooting adventures (part 1 and part 2). This time around, I did a few things differently:

  • I spaced the holes much closer together, especially on the part lines. 😦 It was actually really hard rooting the part line because my crochet hook would rip the teeny tiny scalp area between two adjacent holes. >_< Hopefully the scalp doesn’t completely come apart when I’m done. After I finish rooting the scalp and styling it, I will definitely reinforce the plugs with some glue.
  • I’m using a smaller crochet hook, this time switching between a 0.9mm hook and a 0.8mm hook.

As of right now, I’ve completed the part line and thatched it.

I think the part looks way better this time around (except my eye keeps going to that tiny gap in the middle of the part line). In the right photo, I have the first reroot attempt on top, and the one I’m currently working on directly under it. My hands actually REALLY hurt from doing this (I’m not sure my hands have recovered from the last reroot I did). I think I’ll put the rerooting down for a couple of weeks, as I’m forming a callus on my index finger, and I’ve stabbed myself with the crochet hook twice yesterday (D: ow).

My doll family is also saying goodbye to my Parabox/Azone hybrid boy Marshall Lee. I was really pumped to make a character doll when I first put him together, but I’ve lost my motivation to make him whole, what with two failed attempts at getting a wig for him. It’s that sort of feeling where his being incomplete for so long, and not looking the way I want him to kind of bummed me out to have him on my shelf. The doll neeed to have grey skin and a cool black wig. I also took hardly any photos of him. This brings my doll count to – 4 Neo Blythes and 1 Licca chan.

The one good thing I got out of Marshall Lee leaving my collection is that his clothes are now on Finley ^^. I don’t have enough separates, so his flannel style shirt and jeans are a welcome addition to my girls’ wardrobe.

I actually have that same outfit, minus the fox eared headband. Though, now I’m tempted to crochet myself one. ^^

And  now I’m off to squeeze in all the fun stuff I can before the weekend is over and Monday (ugh) is here.


Post-Birthday Blues

It’s been a few days since my birthday, which came and went uneventfully. I’m starting to feel that time is passing a lot faster than it used to, which bums me out – gone are the days when I felt I had all the time in the world. I have that feeling where I have so much I need to do and a ton of things I want to do, but I have no clue where would be the best place to start so I choose to do … Nothing. :-/ You know what I mean?

Actually, that’s not entirely true. When I get to feeling overwhelmed and under-motivated, I shop, eat, and watch T.V. (Currently watching House M.D.). I also did some damage on etsy >_< (oops). I made two orders in the past week, and I’m really excited for them to come in the mail! The first order is from Kuloft, three dresses and a pair of shoes. I was contemplating getting another flower dress, but I opted to get a couple of the drying dresses. (Photos below from the Kuloft Etsy store)

I’m actually kind of kicking myself right now for not grabbing a Chicken dress.

The second order is from Tired Mom Knits, three cardigans and a dress. I’ve been meaning to order from this store, and there’s currently a 30% off coupon (code: Birthday30) – perfect opportunity :3 . The store also has a ton of stuff for middies! (Photos below from Tired Mom Knits Etsy store)

This week’s goals – relearn how to knit, start Saran reroot attempt #2, konmari my life (a little).

Today’s Highlights and Some Thoughts on Games

Today’s Blythe meet was a lot of fun ^^. The turnout was pretty good for both the people and the dolls. I brought out Reese and Finley today in their best Valentine’s Day duds.

From left to right: The entire doll spread, and two Tiina customs.

From left to right: A Stable House custom, a Tole Tole Custom, and two Happibug Customs.

I really enjoyed being able to see all of these pretty custom girls – I especially love custom girls with natural fiber reroots! I even got to see a Skinny Scalp on a girl. Alpaca and mohair are SO soft! I also heard the cute pips of two Kenners. The Blythe meet was a great way to cap my week and a half long break from work (back to reality tomorrow 😦 ).

I also really want to recommend the 3DS game I’ve been playing – Final Fantasy Explorers. I’ve been playing it since January 28th, and since then I’ve only been playing Story of Seasons on and off (though I did hit a big milestone recently – my character got married 😀 . Insert wedding below).FullSizeRender.jpgSome things I really like about Final Fantasy Explorers is the player’s ability to mix things up by choosing between an array of jobs, skills, and summons. I also really like how much the game allows me to customize my character. The one thing I’m on the fence about is the fact that changing jobs doesn’t set the player back in power – there isn’t a need to level a job to gain skills. On one hand, this decreases the amount of time I would need to farm job level experience, but on the other hand I don’t feel the same sense of accomplishment or sense that the decisions I make in raising my character really matter. I’m also not sure if I’m taking too much time on subquests or leveling, but the story progression is quite slow.IMG_6663.JPG

All in all, I’m quite happy with my game purchase ^^. It’s pretty nostalgic for me to play a final fantasy game and a JRPG, as it’s been a while. I don’t even like hack and slash type games (not a fan of the fighting in Kingdom Hearts), but I don’t mind it in this game! I’m a fan of turn-based fighting.

UGH. Tomorrow is technically Tuesday, but in my head it will be a Monday at work.

Edit: I also want to include links to other WordPress bloggers who attended the meet ^^: Heidi of HCB Dolls and Julie of Knitting with Dolls

From lukewarm to subzero

It is wicked cold where I am (13 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes me appreciate the weather back in Mexico (75 degrees Fahrenheit). Look how beautiful!IMG_6574.JPG It’s good to be back home though, seeing as I had really missed my cat, my dolls, and I had a couple of packages waiting for me ^^.

My Vintage Skipper clothes arrived and so did my Dolly Hair order!IMG_6606.JPGI gave the vintage clothes a gentle dunk in some slightly soapy water, so the red coat is wrinkly (will need to iron it). I thought the colors would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I have no outerwear for my girls. IMG_6632.JPGI put the tutu on Rory! Interestingly, the tutu has a zipper closure, as opposed to snaps or velcro. She is also wearing Licca shoes, mesh tights, and a hair clip that I made. Crochet – the only way I know how to do.IMG_6633.JPGI tried the white Skipper flats on Rory, but they don’t fit on her wide Licca feet. I have to try them on standard Blythe feet though! 

I’m feeling particularly lazy this three day weekend (technically an extension of my vacation), so I haven’t done anything but marathon shows and nap. I’m attending a blythe meet on Monday, so hopefully I’ll have a ton of photos to share ^^.

Also, happy early Valentine’s!IMG_6565.JPG

Photo montage of Cancun – Day 3

I took both Danbo and Sonny Angel out today. Some more obligatory beach photos, but I added footprints this time (probably not enough though)!  The hotel also gave us this plate. No idea why. I guess… They assumed my parents are on a honey moon… And decided to bring their adult daughter with them. Sonny Angel is looking right at home ^^.  Currently, Danbo is looking a little worse for the wear (Sorry Danbo). Danbo and Sonny Angel are pretty fun to photograph. They stand up by themselves without problem, and I’m getting the hang of playing with scale and my iPhone. In particular, Danbo is really photogenic (with that ( ゚д゚) face). 

My vacation away from life ends soon! I’m going to a Blythe meet soon, and I have a doll project in mind for when I get back (though with the weather being the way it is, I might have to postpone it). I also think that my 1 year bloggiversary (that doesn’t look right…) is coming up soon! Exciting times ^^. 

I’m going to try to take it easy (instead of wanting to be productive, which on a vacation is counterproductive), so my next post will most likely be when I get back. I hope everyone is having a great start to the week!

Danbo travels 

I managed to really get away from it all (if only for a few days), and am now checking in to say hello from the warmer side. Tagging along on my parents’ vacation does have its perks – I didn’t have to arrange anything… Just had to show up. It’s really beautiful here (in Cancun) and I managed to snag a couple of great photos! Danbo is one of my travel companions for my vacation. He looks generally shocked to be here with me. 

I’m a little glad I didn’t bring a very conspicuous doll, as the staff at the resort are very mindful of the guests and seem to be constantly on the look out for suspicious behavior or intruders, all the while being very friendly (safety first). I was asked what exactly I was doing (posing Danbo and taking photos), and what Danbo was (they thought he might be a camera).    Tomorrow, I will try to take some cute photos of my Sonny Angel ^^.

Crochet in Miniature – Lace Skirt

Ravelry is an awesome resource for crocheters and knitters, especially when it comes to free patterns. I recently made a dress following this pattern, and while it is really pretty, I am not particularly fond of the silhouette for my girls. So I took only the skirt part of the pattern, and crocheted a bunch of lace skirts! I think the skirt definitely needs a slip or petticoat under it (because of all those holes), but I really like the effect! I think the skirt came out very feminine and delicate looking.

This is Marina’s Valentine’s Day themed outfit! She is wearing Stella Savannah’s stock blouse, a white slip skirt underneath the red crocheted skirt I made, white socks, and Les Jeunette stock high heel booties. I think the skirt goes really well with her red lips, and I think Marina might be too cool for pink.

I didn’t modify the pattern for the skirt at all, and I barely did anything special for the waist band part ^^. Essentially this is what I did:

  • Follow the pattern for the skirt as directed.
  • Follow these instructions for the pattern of the bodice:
    • Cast on as directed, making 25 single crochets (I work in US terms), which is the start of the waistband part.
    • Follow Row 5 – 7 to complete the waistband.
    • When I completed the last row of the waistband, instead of casting off, I turned my work and extended the waist band part length-wise to make room for a snap. (See “Back Button Flap” part of the pattern).
    • Finish the skirt as directed.

The skirt works up pretty easy and quickly! Also, don’t forget that the pattern is in UK terms!!

Disclaimer – The original pattern is not mine. It is called “Blythe Crochet Dress Pattern” by Sarah Youde. I simply altered it slightly to meet my needs. 

Blythe on Vacation

I’ve been taking it (real) easy these past few days – after the reroot, I kind of ran out of steam. Subsequently, I kind of sort of tapped out of the ADAD challenge, which in my defense, I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. I have that personality where when something that is fun starts to feel like a job, I feel this overwhelming urge to procrastinate and at that point, the thing that was supposed to be enjoyable becomes a chore. Also, taking photos at night in my room while trying to make the photos pretty or artsy isn’t easy! I began depending on filters to make my photos interesting.

I did experience my best photoshoot while participating in the daily photo challenge! I met with my friend, and we took our girls to a large park to take some outdoor photos. I guess this is the first time where my sole reason to go somewhere is to take photos of my dolls. I’m quite happy with how a lot of my photos came out. Plus, since it was a chilly winter day, the park was relatively empty (score!).

Two of my favorite photos I took:    
 Which brings me to the next thing I want to talk about – bringing a doll on vacation. I’ve done it before – Rosaline (who I’ve since rehomed) came with me to California, and Marina and Finley went with me to Chicago. However, this time I’ll be traveling with relatives (my aunt and uncle) who have no idea that I collect dolls. My aunt in particular has very strong opinions, and will voice them whether I like it or not. I’m not sure how they will react to my whipping out a doll for photos. I probably will take a girl with me, and maybe take some time by myself to walk around and snap some photos. 

I will most likely bring Merry, my Licca chan. She seems way sturdier than any of my blythes and she’s considerably smaller (more discrete, and easier to carry around). Merry is the low-key option in that I don’t have to worry too much about posing her, accidentally breaking her, or sand/water getting into her head. I don’t want to worry about anything, as I haven’t traveled in a while and I really need a break from the everyday. I just don’t know though!
Mail Roll Call
· Vintage Skipper jacket and shoes
· More saran hair (Because I’m a glutton for punishment)
· A lot of 3 bodies (2 licca, 1 blythe)
· Cherie Babette – I hope she comes this month! I have that hankering to debox a new blythe!