Blythe on Vacation

I’ve been taking it (real) easy these past few days – after the reroot, I kind of ran out of steam. Subsequently, I kind of sort of tapped out of the ADAD challenge, which in my defense, I’m not sure I’m cut out for it. I have that personality where when something that is fun starts to feel like a job, I feel this overwhelming urge to procrastinate and at that point, the thing that was supposed to be enjoyable becomes a chore. Also, taking photos at night in my room while trying to make the photos pretty or artsy isn’t easy! I began depending on filters to make my photos interesting.

I did experience my best photoshoot while participating in the daily photo challenge! I met with my friend, and we took our girls to a large park to take some outdoor photos. I guess this is the first time where my sole reason to go somewhere is to take photos of my dolls. I’m quite happy with how a lot of my photos came out. Plus, since it was a chilly winter day, the park was relatively empty (score!).

Two of my favorite photos I took:    
 Which brings me to the next thing I want to talk about – bringing a doll on vacation. I’ve done it before – Rosaline (who I’ve since rehomed) came with me to California, and Marina and Finley went with me to Chicago. However, this time I’ll be traveling with relatives (my aunt and uncle) who have no idea that I collect dolls. My aunt in particular has very strong opinions, and will voice them whether I like it or not. I’m not sure how they will react to my whipping out a doll for photos. I probably will take a girl with me, and maybe take some time by myself to walk around and snap some photos. 

I will most likely bring Merry, my Licca chan. She seems way sturdier than any of my blythes and she’s considerably smaller (more discrete, and easier to carry around). Merry is the low-key option in that I don’t have to worry too much about posing her, accidentally breaking her, or sand/water getting into her head. I don’t want to worry about anything, as I haven’t traveled in a while and I really need a break from the everyday. I just don’t know though!
Mail Roll Call
· Vintage Skipper jacket and shoes
· More saran hair (Because I’m a glutton for punishment)
· A lot of 3 bodies (2 licca, 1 blythe)
· Cherie Babette – I hope she comes this month! I have that hankering to debox a new blythe!


2 thoughts on “Blythe on Vacation

  1. Maybe this is an opportunity to share your hobby with your family? I put all of that out in the open with mine, haha. I even bought my grandmother a Lammily doll to try and include her. The only backlash I’ve gotten is my mother chastising me for cheating her out of doll play when I was a child, lol. Apparently she had looked so forward to sharing her childhood Barbie collection with me but my very young self had no interest and poo-pooed her dolls so much that she donated them all out of frustration (I honestly don’t remember any of this, lol). So, my recent love affair with dolls as an adult is unfair 🙂

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    • I think there might not be any helping letting the relatives know if I bring a girl XD. My parents are at least onboard and have told me to just bring one if I wanted to. I didn’t like dolls as a child too! I was more of a stuffed animal hoarder.

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