Danbo travels 

I managed to really get away from it all (if only for a few days), and am now checking in to say hello from the warmer side. Tagging along on my parents’ vacation does have its perks – I didn’t have to arrange anything… Just had to show up. It’s really beautiful here (in Cancun) and I managed to snag a couple of great photos! Danbo is one of my travel companions for my vacation. He looks generally shocked to be here with me. 

I’m a little glad I didn’t bring a very conspicuous doll, as the staff at the resort are very mindful of the guests and seem to be constantly on the look out for suspicious behavior or intruders, all the while being very friendly (safety first). I was asked what exactly I was doing (posing Danbo and taking photos), and what Danbo was (they thought he might be a camera).    Tomorrow, I will try to take some cute photos of my Sonny Angel ^^.


3 thoughts on “Danbo travels 

  1. I can’t help but smile while picturing the whole situation on my mind! I hope you didn’t feel too awkward! The pictures look great and the sea is calling for me. >_<

    Have fun on your vacations!

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