From lukewarm to subzero

It is wicked cold where I am (13 degrees Fahrenheit), which makes me appreciate the weather back in Mexico (75 degrees Fahrenheit). Look how beautiful!IMG_6574.JPG It’s good to be back home though, seeing as I had really missed my cat, my dolls, and I had a couple of packages waiting for me ^^.

My Vintage Skipper clothes arrived and so did my Dolly Hair order!IMG_6606.JPGI gave the vintage clothes a gentle dunk in some slightly soapy water, so the red coat is wrinkly (will need to iron it). I thought the colors would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, and I have no outerwear for my girls. IMG_6632.JPGI put the tutu on Rory! Interestingly, the tutu has a zipper closure, as opposed to snaps or velcro. She is also wearing Licca shoes, mesh tights, and a hair clip that I made. Crochet – the only way I know how to do.IMG_6633.JPGI tried the white Skipper flats on Rory, but they don’t fit on her wide Licca feet. I have to try them on standard Blythe feet though! 

I’m feeling particularly lazy this three day weekend (technically an extension of my vacation), so I haven’t done anything but marathon shows and nap. I’m attending a blythe meet on Monday, so hopefully I’ll have a ton of photos to share ^^.

Also, happy early Valentine’s!IMG_6565.JPG

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