Today’s Highlights and Some Thoughts on Games

Today’s Blythe meet was a lot of fun ^^. The turnout was pretty good for both the people and the dolls. I brought out Reese and Finley today in their best Valentine’s Day duds.

From left to right: The entire doll spread, and two Tiina customs.

From left to right: A Stable House custom, a Tole Tole Custom, and two Happibug Customs.

I really enjoyed being able to see all of these pretty custom girls – I especially love custom girls with natural fiber reroots! I even got to see a Skinny Scalp on a girl. Alpaca and mohair are SO soft! I also heard the cute pips of two Kenners. The Blythe meet was a great way to cap my week and a half long break from work (back to reality tomorrow 😦 ).

I also really want to recommend the 3DS game I’ve been playing – Final Fantasy Explorers. I’ve been playing it since January 28th, and since then I’ve only been playing Story of Seasons on and off (though I did hit a big milestone recently – my character got married πŸ˜€ . Insert wedding below).FullSizeRender.jpgSome things I really like about Final Fantasy Explorers is the player’s ability to mix things up by choosing between an array of jobs, skills, and summons. I also really like how much the game allows me to customize my character. The one thing I’m on the fence about is the fact that changing jobs doesn’t set the player back in power – there isn’t a need to level a job to gain skills. On one hand, this decreases the amount of time I would need to farm job level experience, but on the other hand I don’t feel the same sense of accomplishment or sense that the decisions I make in raising my character really matter. I’m also not sure if I’m taking too much time on subquests or leveling, but the story progression is quite slow.IMG_6663.JPG

All in all, I’m quite happy with my game purchase ^^. It’s pretty nostalgic for me to play a final fantasy game and a JRPG, as it’s been a while. I don’t even like hack and slash type games (not a fan of the fighting in Kingdom Hearts), but I don’t mind it in this game! I’m a fan of turn-based fighting.

UGH. Tomorrow is technically Tuesday, but in my head it will be a Monday at work.

Edit: I also want to include links to other WordPress bloggers who attended the meet ^^: Heidi of HCB Dolls and Julie of Knitting with Dolls

4 thoughts on “Today’s Highlights and Some Thoughts on Games

  1. I’m so envious of your ability to go to Blythe Meets! I doubt there are that many Blythes in my entire county… (I may be horribly wrong about that, but if there are any around here, I’m certainly unaware of them.) Looks like there were some really lovely dolls there. πŸ™‚

    It feels like it’s been ages since I played a Final Fantasy game. (And even then, it was probably re-playing one of the SNES or PS1 games…) But I’ve been thinking I should put Final Fantasy Explorers on my back burner list of games to pick up eventually. Right now, I’m so far behind in games I’ve already bought that I’m not buying new ones unless they have incredible pre-order features, and/or are released in such a small quantity that not pre-ordering equals never getting the game. (And given that I fell in love with the Etrian Odyssey series, that means a lot of pre-orders for *very* long games…)

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    • Ahhh the etrian odyssey series! I like it but way too much dungeon crawling for me, and the last game in that series I tried got very difficult very fast XD. I know what you mean though, I like to play one or two games for a long time before getting something new. Though I am expecting a new game in March ^^ an RPG Story of Seasons (HM) crossover that’s not Rune Factory. Have you tried joining Blythe Kingdom? It’s a forum, and you may be able to find local Blythe collectors!


      • Yeah, the dungeon crawling in the Etrian games can get a bit much, but it turns out I really enjoy that. πŸ˜› I have a lot of fun with the ones where you create the whole party, though I think I go overboard with imagining personalities for all of them. (That’s why I’ve been playing the Untold games in Story Mode first, to reign myself back a little.) The one I’m playing right now (EO2 Untold) seems to have a steeper difficulty curve than the previous game…but I can always put the difficulty down a notch if I need to. (So far, I’ve just gone grinding if I get overwhelmed, but that may not work forever.)

        I haven’t tried any Blythe forums yet; I’m already devoting so much time to blogging that I’m afraid to add anything new, for fear of draining too much time away from my studies. I may look into forums over the summer break, unless I decide to use that time to take intensive language classes. (Not necessarily a fun idea, but if I’m going to do a thesis, I’ll need the languages under my belt…)

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