Reroot Reboot

This is part 3 of my rerooting adventures (part 1 and part 2). This time around, I did a few things differently:

  • I spaced the holes much closer together, especially on the part lines. 😦 It was actually really hard rooting the part line because my crochet hook would rip the teeny tiny scalp area between two adjacent holes. >_< Hopefully the scalp doesn’t completely come apart when I’m done. After I finish rooting the scalp and styling it, I will definitely reinforce the plugs with some glue.
  • I’m using a smaller crochet hook, this time switching between a 0.9mm hook and a 0.8mm hook.

As of right now, I’ve completed the part line and thatched it.

I think the part looks way better this time around (except my eye keeps going to that tiny gap in the middle of the part line). In the right photo, I have the first reroot attempt on top, and the one I’m currently working on directly under it. My hands actually REALLY hurt from doing this (I’m not sure my hands have recovered from the last reroot I did). I think I’ll put the rerooting down for a couple of weeks, as I’m forming a callus on my index finger, and I’ve stabbed myself with the crochet hook twice yesterday (D: ow).

My doll family is also saying goodbye to my Parabox/Azone hybrid boy Marshall Lee. I was really pumped to make a character doll when I first put him together, but I’ve lost my motivation to make him whole, what with two failed attempts at getting a wig for him. It’s that sort of feeling where his being incomplete for so long, and not looking the way I want him to kind of bummed me out to have him on my shelf. The doll neeed to have grey skin and a cool black wig. I also took hardly any photos of him. This brings my doll count to – 4 Neo Blythes and 1 Licca chan.

The one good thing I got out of Marshall Lee leaving my collection is that his clothes are now on Finley ^^. I don’t have enough separates, so his flannel style shirt and jeans are a welcome addition to my girls’ wardrobe.

I actually have that same outfit, minus the fox eared headband. Though, now I’m tempted to crochet myself one. ^^

And  now I’m off to squeeze in all the fun stuff I can before the weekend is over and Monday (ugh) is here.


7 thoughts on “Reroot Reboot

  1. I have to say you’re brave to be doing that rerooting! You should consider using one of those gloves to crochet, it should help with that pain.

    So sorry that Marshall Lee didn’t turn out the way you wanted. Sometimes my crochet adventures without pattern end up like that too, a pale image of what I had pictured! *giggles* Love to see the shirt on Finley, she looks super cute!

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    • Thank you!!
      I was thinking of putting bandaids on the parts of my hands that need to come in contact with the hook. I didn’t realize there was such a thing as crochet gloves!

      Since Marshall Lee has moved on from my doll shelf, I feel a bit lighter. I dislike having things sit incomplete, and it’s been weeks since I worked on him.

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