Cherie Babette Is Here

My Cherie Babette arrived maybe one hour ago XD.I preordered her from CCtoys, and it took about 2 weeks for her to get to me from Hong Kong. It’s been a bit nerve wracking, as I’ve seen that a bunch of people had already received their girls a week before I did, and a lot of them reported cracks and other blemishes on Facebook groups. My CB isn’t perfect, but I’m not sure how worth the hassle it would be for me to ask for an exchange.  

   My CB has a very loose waist and neck. She also has a very thin line that shines a bit differently on one of her cheeks – it doesn’t pick up on camera and it’s hard to see unless I look for it (I actually asked my mom and she told me she can’t see it).I didn’t bother putting her in the big bear kigurumi, and instead put her in the Plastic Fashion dress I’ve been saving for her and the new shoes I got from Kuloft. She definitely needs a hair spa (too lazy) and a name! I was thinking Everly, Cecily, Tea, Tallulah, or Eevee. I’m still thinking about it. Cherie Babette will most likely be the last Blythe I get in 2016 (unless I find myself in a good position in life at the end of the year). I think having her come home kind of marks the end of something – maybe the end of my putting real life decisions off. … UGH. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is having a great start to the weekend!


6 thoughts on “Cherie Babette Is Here

  1. I’m glad you got her already but sad it wasn’t perfect. At least it didn’t have any cracks! Was this a rushed production or something if there are so many reports of blemishes? I hope you’re still happy with having her, otherwise it would be sad to be the last one you get this year.

    I’m still waiting for my doll to arrive. It should have arrived this Tuesday but so far nothing and the seller has not said anything since then, after I asked for the tracking number. Not sure what to think about that but I’m trying to stay positive. Lets see what today’s mail brings.

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    • I think it might be the FBL mold and the translucent skin that have issues during production. I know translucent face plates do have issues with cracking when people customize them. I think my Cherie just has to grow on me. I also think that my feeling a little let down is probably because the wait had been sooooo long (preordered in December, then saw that a bunch of people were getting her and having issues, etc). You know what I mean? If you ordered from the same seller I had, I would give it 2 weeks atleast from their ship date. Cctoys gave me a tracking number that for some reason doesn’t work on the USPS website, but does on the Hong Kong post website so all I knew was when my doll was shipped. I hope your girl comes soon >_< .

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  2. Wow, translucents really are extra pretty! I can see why you were so excited when they first announced her. 😀

    Sorry to hear about the little flaws, though; that can really be annoying, especially in a doll you’ve been waiting for like this. Hopefully they’ll seem even smaller over time.

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