Yes, I just gave my Cherie Babette a spa. I didn’t realize it, but the hair spa is a big part of my bonding process. I received Cherie Babette yesterday morning, deboxed her, redressed her, and set her on my shelf. Since I felt like procrastinating other things today, I decided to give my new girl a hair spa. 

When her illustrations came out back in December, I was hoping she would have shorter hair. Cherie Babette’s hair is actually on the longer side, and supposed to be curled inward, so after the wash I decided I would put her hair in curlers. While washing CB’s hair, I noticed how pretty the color is! It’s a warm, dark, reddish brown.  I also noticed the translucency of her skin and how vivid her make up was!  Her pull ring is also translucent :The lower pull ring belonged to Finley. 

^^ After the curlers were put in her hair, and she was redressed, the name Elowyn popped in my head. She really is quite special and very different from the rest of my blythes.

I’m happy she’s joined my family, but I’m a teeny bit overwhelmed by the population of five giant Blythe heads on my one doll shelf. XD They barely all fit on there, and I’m feeling outnumbered! 

8 thoughts on “Elowyn!

      • No… The previous owner said she can’t find the receipt with the tracking number so we agreed if it doesn’t arrive till the end of this week I’ll get a refund. And then I’ll order it from an official site. I think this experience is forever going to mark my future dealings with others… I’m still hoping that it will end good though.

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