New things!

I got my two etsy orders in the mail ^^, and I decided to redress my dolls today.

The first order I got today was from Kuloft – I ordered two dresses, a pair of shoes, and a 2 piece outfit that is a skirt and shirt.25485920685_08de4d3a85_z

Elowyn is wearing the two piece set and the red shoes (which I love!), and Reese is wearing the blue drying dress.

From Tired Mom Knits, I ordered three hand-knitted sweaters and a white and gold dress.

Rory is wearing the pink sweater over a dress by MissFreyaJ, and Marina is wearing the brown sweater and gold dress. I’m blown away by the quality of the sweaters! They’re made of such soft, nice quality yarn, and impeccably knitted.

Seamless segueway to my knitting progress:24832401473_1ed2e4e460_kI’ve made three of those knitted shrugs so far, and I think I’m ready to try a new pattern. I’m pretty happy with my progress, as I thought that anything beyond the simple knit and purl would be beyond me. I will be trying a new pattern next, and hopefully the pattern won’t stump me! Knitting is like a whole new language XD.

12 thoughts on “New things!

  1. That two piece set looks super-adorable on Elowyn!

    Your shrugs are looking good, too! πŸ˜€

    This has been a big delivery day for me, too. Both my Mandarake orders came in (first time I’ve ever actually *been* here when one came in!) *and* the order from Mattel! Also I found something unexpected at Target (where I only went to get some sweatpants for next week) that I’m totally squeeing over. (Fortunately, I got my brother to pay for the doll at Target, to make up some of what he owes me for the figure I purchased for him from AmiAmi.) Irritatingly, Target actually had the new Barbie types out on the shelves, despite Mattel’s claims that they weren’t going to be in stores for a long time to come. (But they didn’t have the Curvy one I ordered, so that’s okay. Strangely, I just gave her a name and fairly complex backstory as I was getting out of the bath just now…which is particularly odd, ’cause I don’t usually name my Barbies.) It may be a while before I can post about the new Barbies, though; I want to wait for the clothes I ordered for them to arrive. Also, in the Curvy’s case, I want to wait for Lammily and *her* clothes to arrive. I’m going to post about the unexpected find as soon as I can get some photos taken, though. πŸ˜€ (No idea when that’ll be, though; the next three days are reserved for museum work, so even if it’s sunny, I still won’t be able to do any photography. Well, no, I don’t have to leave on Sunday until pretty late in the morning, so I might be able to take pictures then.)

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    • I can feel a big haul post coming XD. Also, it’s been getting better lately about when the sun goes down since it feels like we’re getting more daylight hours (it’s still fairly bright outside when I leave work!). Hopefully you still have some sun left when you leave work ^^. I liked reading your MC2 doll review, and I’m looking forward to more when you get your lammily and curvy Barbie!

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      • There won’t be a big haul post this time, ’cause at least two of the three Mandarake dolls are being saved for April A-to-Z (I’ve decided, among other things, not to feature dolls I’ve shown before), and then I’m waiting on the clothes…but it’ll totally be a big haul post if the clothes and Lammily both arrive at about the same time! πŸ˜› I probably ought to save the doll from Target for the A-to-Z, too, but I can’t stand it; I have to gush about her sooner! πŸ˜€ (In fact, it’s painful that I wasn’t able to open her last night, but I want to take an in-box shot before I open her…)

        Tomorrow, it may still be light when I get home, but today I have to go to my parents’ place when I’m done working, so it’s likely to be pitch black outside by the time I get home. And so far this morning it’s too cloudy out for photography. (I may at least take the box shots anyway so I can open the new girl and the Pullip from Mandarake. It’s killing me leaving them the box this long!)

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      • What is April A to Z, if I may ask? I failed my last challenge for photographing dolls everyday, but I’m always intrigued by these types of things


      • April A-to-Z is a challenge to blog every day in April (except Sundays) with each day being themed to a different letter of the alphabet. I did it last year with both my blogs, and although it could be pretty hard work (especially on the Mad Grad Student, where some of the posts were 3-5k words long) I had a lot of fun with it, so I’m doing it again. But this year I’m hoping to have most of the posts written before April starts. (Or, in the Crazy Doll Lady’s case, to have most of the pictures taken before April starts.) Last year I only learned about it maybe a week before it started, so I was sort of rushed at first. But I don’t want to repeat myself on either blog, which is giving it an extra layer of challenge.

        It is possible that I’m a glutton for punishment.

        Anyway, changing the subject, yesterday was *also* a big day for packages arriving; I got one from Toys R Us, one from Amazon, one from AmiAmi (for my brother), and the one from you. πŸ™‚ You really went overboard, you know. But everything’s really wonderful. πŸ˜€ Oh, but I think there was one thing in there that might have been an accident? There were some false eyelashes (dolly eyelashes?) stuck to the back of the plastic bag with the wig in it. If that was an accident, would you like me to send them back?

        Anyway, about the wig, it sure is tiny! If that was really intended for Monster High heads, then something went wrong. It *does* fit a few smaller-headed dolls, though. My first thought was to try it on my childhood Skipper, who sadly lost her hair because I am a terrible person. (There *is* a story there, but I’m going to tell it when I post about my Skipper collection…which will probably be around the same time I get the Petite Barbie clothes I ordered from Etsy.) I normally have a purple wig on her, but I took that off to test out the one you sent. It’s not her style, but it did fit:

        Then it occurred to me to try it on a Ken. The only one I could conveniently find was a reproduction of the original, fuzzy-headed Ken, and this time the wig was a little hard to get on and off (possibly because of the aforementioned fuzzy head) but it did go on:

        I’m thinking I need to find a beat-up Ken from the 1980s and make a hair band-themed custom. πŸ˜› That should be really fun. πŸ˜€ (It’d go nicely with the genuine ’80s rock band Barbies…)


      • I included lashes just in case you might need them! ^^ i had a ton on hand that I meant to use as Blythe lashes, but I over stocked. I was worried it wouldn’t fit on your MH dolls, but I knew you had a variety of dolls in all sorts of sizes.

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      • I certainly didn’t have any lashes, but looking at them, I’m a little afraid to try using them! They’re so delicate, and my hands tend to be pretty clumsy. Still, Pyrrha’s lashes are looking kind of ratty…

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