My Thoughts on 3DS Final Fantasy Explorers

IMG_6871.JPGTo be honest, I’m pretty let down by this game. It’s hard to describe exactly why I’m feeling this way, because there are so many elements I love to it. I purchased Final Fantasy Explorers for the 3DS a day after it released (January 27), and I beat the main story line on March 9th, logging a total of 45 hours and 25 minutes. I think… it might just be easier for me to list out what I liked and what I didn’t.

Things I loved

  • All of those nostalgic elements! In the game, your “limit break” allows you to “summon” (transform) into a character from older Final Fantasy games and use their signature move. The game has the more traditional summon, called Eidolons (includes Shiva and Ifrit), and nontraditional ones like Squall from FFVIII and Tifa from FFVII.
  • Your character is super customizable – this is a huge selling point for me. The look and options given remind me of character creation for Ragnarok Online. You can even dress your character in special set outfits from older Final Fantasy characters. My character was dressed like Rikku for most of the game.


Things I liked

  • Collecting an be a focus of the game. Like a lot of other Final Fantasy games, you have a completion percentage of how many of the monsters, items, or equipment you’ve faced or gathered. I’m not particularly huge on this, but if I wanted to continue playing the game I could focus on getting 100% of all the items and monsters.
  • You can change the difficulty of your mission by giving yourself handicaps, which will make the payout of completing the mission bigger.
  • I didn’t have to focus too much on leveling or job advancement. There’s no penalty for switching jobs, so I was able to switch between jobs whenever I felt like it without worrying that it would make me weaker for upcoming boss battles. The leveling kind of happened accordingly while I was exploring the map to collect monsters or earn money.

Things I didn’t like (oh boy, here we go)

  • The plot is weak. I’m not even sure if there was a real plot.
  • The NPCs are kind of unlovable.
  • There’s only one town area in which all of the unlovable NPCs reside.
  • The only character I could directly affect in any substantial way was my own character. There was no team of characters, no team building or balancing really, and no real interactions or character development.


To be fair, it’s probably my fault for buying this game. There is a multiplayer function I didn’t use at all, where you can team up with other players via wifi in order to complete quests. I’m sure that doing this would have made my gameplay more dynamic (or annoying… I’ve never known MMORPG players to be that friendly). But the thing is, this game is supposed to be a 3DS game with a multiplayer option! The quality of the game shouldn’t hinge on whether I decide to turn that function on. Also, I’m giving the game the benefit of the doubt that it would definitely be better if I played with other 3ds owners.

I’ll be reselling this to gamestop tomorrow :-/.

8 thoughts on “My Thoughts on 3DS Final Fantasy Explorers

  1. Sorry it didn’t work out for you. 😦 I’ll admit I’m not entirely surprised, though; my brother — upon seeing lots of reviews — said it sounded like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for the GameCube, which we never even bothered finishing. (And we were actually trying to play it multiplayer, like it recommended! Only with two of us, but still…)

    However, I have to say…you can summon Tifa? That is wild. I can just imagine what would happen:
    Enemy: “Whoa, check out the size of her — agggh! Pain! Lots of pain! In places I didn’t even know I had!”

    Getting to dress like (original) Rikku is also pretty sweet.

    But the whole multiplayer thing…yeah, that’s sinking more and more games. The latest Zelda on the 3DS, for example. (Not that I’ve actually played it, but from all I’ve heard…) I’d love it if multiplayer would just quietly go away again.

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    • XD I think I would enjoy the multiplayer function if I had more friends who had 3ds consoles and were interested in the same games as me. Though, for any game that isn’t MMO, I prefer to play alone. It’s like getting immersed into a mini world, just me and my 3ds passing the time.


  2. Some games just don’t live up to the expectations… Can I say that I never played any Zelda or Mario game until recently? lol When we bought our WII U my husband bought quite a few for me (there’s several Zelda games for me to play) but they still rest in their boxes as new. 😛 Well, I played a bit of Mario Cart but driving is so not my thing! It is still fun to play when friends come to our house though. Needless to say I’m always the last one to finish!

    The Final Fantasy games that I played are FFVII, FFVIII and FFXIV: a realm reborn. I enjoyed playing all but FFVIII holds a special place in my heart because it was the first one that I played. I recently bought it on Steam and eventually I want to go through it again. I also enjoyed the MMORPG alot, but I’m on the casual player side of things, so while my husband was defeating the final bosses and what not (he’s in the pro side), I was still leveling my own character. I had a Lalafell and she was the cutest thing ever! The leveling wasn’t too bad, considering other games, but it felt grindy to the end. I stopped playing FFXIV A Realm Reborn because we moved on to another game (can’t really remember which one though).

    Right now I’m not really playing anything. The game I’d love to be playing requires an insane amount of playing time if you want to do anything and survive. I’m talking about Ark: Survival Evolved. I’m not even following the changes to it (it’s still on developing phase) for the past 5 months but that is just so I don’t get sucked in again. lol

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    • Also… I’ve never (really) played any Zelda games. >_< I can't get into the hack and slash type fighting! I'm better about it now, but Zelda was never a franchise I could get into since I was so put off when I first played it manyy years ago. Sometimes I feel like I'm missing out because of all of the references to that game that pop up.

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      • It’s funny because I do like the hack and slash but I guess I was a late game player so I missed out on many of those classics that people talk about often. I played Diablo and Diablo II from beginning to end with excitement proper to a kid. Fallout 2 was the same, another game that is deeply in my heart. When Fallout 3 came out I was so pumped but then I didn’t really liked it. Never even deep into the game. At least my brother enjoyed playing it to the end and I didn’t feel so bad of spending all that money on it.

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