Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

Recently, I received a Brown Paper Package tied up with string, filled with a few of my favorite things. This is the second time Jannette from Project Dollhouse (blog / Instagram) and I have sent each other care packages, and when I received the parcel, I totally had an “I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE” moment. The way the package was wrapped was so old-timey, so wabi-sabi, so CUTE! ^^ The inside totally matched the outside, and I was bowled over by how both useful and awesome XD everything was! I’m actually most excited about this pink calligraphy pen. I plan on adding on my list of things to do “Learn Calligraphy” and will be referring to Professors Youtube and Google.

I’ve been really enjoying my Hobonichi Techo so far, but as of late, it’s served as a painful reminder that time is moving really fast, and I don’t feel prepared for life. I’ve been feeling like I’ve been caught in a rut ever since I got back from my vacation in February. There are more words in it than doodles, stickers, or other decorations, but with all these shiny new things, I kind of feel a second wind ^^. WASHI ON ALL THE THINGS!  

Jannette included a couple of thoughtful letters, that make me nostalgic for snail mail, and hand written calligraphy cards that remind me to stay (in the proximity of) Awesome XD (giving myself some leeway because I definitely have days I don’t feel so awesome). I always feel very happy and touched by how thoughtful the contents of Jannette’s packages are. This brown paper package tied up with string (and sealed! Actually sealed with I’m assuming some wax and a stamp) really brightened up my day. :3

Stay awesome everyone ^^.


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