My mint girls

As per usual, I redressed my dolls on Friday. I noticed that I tend to grab certain pieces of doll clothes and shoes moreso than others, which makes me want to declutter my blythe wardrobe. (The problem with that is that I have such a hard time letting things go!)

This week, my two minty blue haired girls are the best dressed (I also really like Elowyn’s outfit, but I’ve already shared photos of her in the previous post). 25470863270_3eda711cc7_zMarina is wearing stock shoes and blouse from Cute and Curious, and a suspender skirt by Kuloft.25141080284_488a4f6cb4_zReese is wearing a sweater I won from a Blythe Life giveaway, a tutu from MINIJIJO, and Zinochika stock boots.25651650132_598678ea19_kI also want to share these cute resin hair clips made by Iphis from the Crazy Doll Lady blog (twas the weekend of surprise packages ^^). Seeing these resin hair clips on my girls makes me really want to experiment with resin myself! Iphis has a few posts on her experiments with resin, and I’ve been watching some BJD resin eye making youtube videos (don’t even own a BJD, watching all the BJD videos), and it’s planted the idea that, “hey… that looks fun! I can do that!” XD I’m on the fence about adding a new project to my list though, seeing as how I’ve been slacking on the knitting lately, My yarn is not inspiring me to make things (and I feel lazy).

Anyway, I hope everyone has a good Monday!


8 thoughts on “My mint girls

  1. They both look lovely, just like Elowyn! I have too many projects right now and my attention is too spread! On top of that we had a small gathering yesterday and that implies a lot of cleaning and tidying up on the previous days. lol It was very good to have friends here! My kids had a blast too playing with their friends and at some point there was this screaming train going around the house for several minutes! Why do girls like to scream so much? xD

    Today I’m catching up on laundry but I started making Amelia’s charm! I should also post but I’m feeling so lazy right now… HA!

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  2. I love that suspender skirt! I need to order one of those for my girls.

    I’m glad you like the barrettes. 😀 Now I wish I’d done more floral ones for the set. (It’s just that the floral mold doesn’t give a shiny result, and I’m totally addicted to sparkly, shiny things. 😛 )

    One other thing to keep in mind about resin casting is that you need a really good workspace where your resin projects can cure for 24 hours without anything messing with them. (Particularly, for example, cats.)

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      • They do have a habit of doing that, don’t they? That’s why I thought I should probably mention it. But you mentioned that you might move soon, right? If so, maybe your new place will have a spot for a cat-free work-room. (Or maybe not. How would I know?)

        Technically, the opaque resin dries much faster — *too* much faster, as you’ve seen in my posts — so that’s not as much of a cat problem, but the results are never as pretty. (Though I admit I’ve never tried filling it with glitter…)

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