My Rationalizing Doll Brain

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m going on a bit of a dolly buying ban in 2016. Now is not the time in my life to be accumulating things, but rather, it’s the time to declutter. This is particularly hard because I have so many dolls on my wish list, and already there are two blythe releases coming out in the next few months that I have my eye on. They both have more stock clothes than is per usual, which in hoping means that Takara is upping their stock game ^^.

Neo Blythe Playful Raindrops – I expect she will be the May release. Immediately, I’m drawn to her short hair and her adorable stock. She’s already up for preorder on CC Toys, and her $189 price tag makes it easier for me to resist.

Neo Blythe Allegra Champagne – She will be a summer release. Look at how fancy she is! She has two outfits, which is rarer for the new releases. I regret not getting last year’s Anniversary girl (Dauphine Dream), so there’s that.. I’ll be trying as all heck not to get any new blythes this year (I may sign up for the lottery for the anniversary girl depending on how the actual doll looks), and to try to appreciate the girls I have. 

But… when I see new girls being released or a good deal on older releases on adoption groups or on ebay, I get major FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out (XD this acronym is probably not used much in this context). Like, what if the new girl becomes hard to find later? Or what if she becomes too expensive for me to purchase? What if it’s a long time before I see another of the older release for adoption at such a good price? 

I’ve experienced this sensation before in the makeup hobby, however in that hobby there are almost always dupes in other brands, and the price of a single item usually isn’t something to fret over. If I liked something, I bought it, and if it was limited edition, I bought it FAST. Blythes are way more expensive than lipsticks or blushes, so I tend not to make impulse buys. Blythes are also bigger than lipstick and blush, and therefore more tricky to pack and move, so it doesn’t make sense to expand my family. 😦 Trying to be logical here, but the heart wants more blythes.

Also, my logical mind tells me that there will be more releases in the future that I may find cuter or love more than the ones I won’t be getting upon release. My logical mind is so annoying.
To appease the part of me that craves for a new doll, I’m thinking of getting a Hujoo Nano Rabi! XD Rationalizing Olive rationalizes that the Hujoo Nano Rabi shouldn’t count as breaking the doll ban because A) it’s so small! B) it’ll only be about $35 for the doll and eyes, and C) it’s so cute. I originally wanted the Nano Freya, because I love cats, but I’m not a fan of the shape of the head and how far apart the ears are spaced. I’ve also seen way more cute faceups on the Rabi than on the Freya, and I think he’d look cute as a tea party guest for my girls – he will be a well to do rabbit.
I will most likely order a Hujoo Nano (not sure yet if Rabi or Freya) next month. The weather is getting nicer, and I kind of want to try another faceup.


16 thoughts on “My Rationalizing Doll Brain

  1. Oh, Playful Raindrops is so cute! I have been looking to get a short-haired girl eventually and she is really appealing. I’m not really looking to get one that soon, though, as I super don’t *need* any more dolls. 🙂

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    • Agreed she is super cute! It’s hard to resist, but sometimes I overwhelmed when Takara comes out with one adorable release after another (that art is really speaking to me though). XD I suppose I also don’t need any more dolls…

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  2. You’re right about Playful Raindrops’ stock: it’s definitely adorable! I totally want that stock, even if I have to get it without the doll in it. 😛 Though I do like her short hair…

    The anniversary doll looks wonderful! (As far as one can tell from the drawings, anyway.) I’m so going to have to start watching the Junie Moon site like a hawk to make sure I don’t miss the lottery for her! Not like I need more dolls — or even really have room for them — but…I *so* understand your FOMO here. Dolls like Blythe and Pullip have such a short window of affordable(ish) availability, particularly Blythe. And yet some of them hang around and are easy to get at a reasonable price for a long time. It’s so hard to tell in advance! (What we need, obviously, is a time machine. Ooh, then we could go back to 1972 and get a Kenner, brand new…)

    A Nano Rabi is a good idea. I quite love my regular size Freya (who I should really give a name other than Freya one of these days) and apart from her jaundiced-looking skin, I really adore Suve, who’s about the same size as a Nano Rabi. I’d recommend getting the full round eyes for her; they’re much easier to get in place at that small scale. (Also, I’ve been using this stuff called “The Museum Putty” to keep them in place. It’s a lot like Blu-Tac, only it’s white, so there’s no possibility of staining. I don’t remember what I paid for it at the art supply place, but I’m betting it was cheaper than the putties actually intended to hold BJD eyes in place. Also there’s a lot of it.)

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    • I ordered the Rabi today!! Along with two pairs of eyes. I was thinking I’d just hop to the local drugstore and pick up silicone ear plugs to use as eye putty. I’m kind of excited to try doing a faceup on something so small. Also, I wanted to ask… What clothes do you put on Suve? I’m wondering if middie clothes will fit on the nano Rabi

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      • Yay! I’m looking forward to seeing pictures! The Rabi is a really cute doll. 🙂 The faceup will definitely be a challenge, but you seem to be much more capable in that field than I am, so you should be fine. 😀

        I don’t actually know quite what size a Middie is, ’cause I still don’t have one (I really wanna get one, but the ones I like are all too expensive!), but I’d think their clothes would be too big for a Nano.

        Suve’s clothes came from Etsy. They were specifically made in Hujoo Baby size. Her dress was from this seller: Melitta’s clothes were listed as being for Hujoo Baby or BJD Ai, and they’re from this seller: Or you could just search Etsy for Hujoo Baby clothes or Hujoo Nano clothes, or BJD Ai clothes; there are a lot of others who make clothes in that scale. (Of course, I’m assuming that a Hujoo Nano and a Hujoo Baby wear the same size clothes, which could be a false assumption, but…yeah, they probably do. 😛 I think the feet and hands are the only parts actually different in their bodies.)

        Come to think of it, I should do a similar search; Suve and Melitta haven’t had a change of clothes since, um, November? (Actually, I guess that applies to a lot of my dolls. Despite some talk on the subject of trying to switch more to buying new clothes for the dolls I already have, I keep ending up buying new dolls instead. Not a smart arrangement…)

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  3. I completely understand your “doll ban”. As it sits, I’d been sinking in more money than I care to admit into my own dolls and so, similarly, won’t be buying any for awhile (except for the new boy Lammily, I can’t resist him). Instead I wait for points to accrue on my Toys R Us card and then buy more dolls that way. Thinking about getting an eBay credit card just to accrue points with them for “free money” for dolly auctions. Yay for trying to be a fiscally responsible adult!

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    • Ooh, I’m also anticipating a new boy doll release (I saw photos of a 1/6 scale smart doll). I don’t know what it is about boy dolls.. Hmmmmm I should also look into this eBay credit card. I’ve been budgeting a small amount of money for “fun” every week, but it gets split between my hobbies, shopping for every day stuff, and other things.


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