Plastic Fashion Fans


From left to right: Finley, Reese, Marina, Rory, and Elowyn

I have a bit of a thing for my girls in Plastic Fashion dresses. Somewhere down the line, I decided that with each new girl I get, I would purchase a dress just for her. For four out of five of my current girls, it has been a Plastic Fashion dress (I actually purchased a Button Arcade dress when I got Reese). I’m particularly partial to my dresses that have the Peter Pan collars.

The sewing on these dresses is impeccable, and the lines are really clean. The prints and color combinations are very playful, and the silhouettes are really cute. The dresses have tiny metal snap closures. I hope to one day snag a long sleeve dress, that has a collar, and has either a fuller skirt, or a smock style dress shape. The dress also looks quite cute on a licca body (which Rory is currently on) or a pure neemo flexion xs body.

^^ My favorite dress is a tie between the one Finley is wearing and the one Elowyn is wearing. I was inspired to dress my girls in Plastic Fashion this week, because my friend recently purchased her first PF dress. My girls look so cute in their kind of matchy dresses (matchy but not really matchy because the colors and shapes are varied, but the style/feel of the dresses are similar). This photo also shows my current Blythe collection.

It’s weird… but when I have them all lined up like this or I’m doing a big group photo, I feel oddly satisfied with my collection! I guess because balancing five dolls for one photo takes some work, and I’m not sure I would be able to do it for more than five (that table barely fit all my girls. Maybe that means I need a bigger table).


7 thoughts on “Plastic Fashion Fans

  1. What a lovely picture! I have always admired PF dresses – the tailoring looks top quality! I love the fabrics too – those tiny squirrels are adorable!

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