Crocheting and Knitting

I did a little bit of both this weekend. I haven’t been crafting with yarn every other day (like I normally do) for about 1.5 weeks, and part of me was afraid I’d forget how to knit. I decided to try a knitted Blythe hat instead of a sweater, like I originally planned, because I figured it might be easier. I’m also in the mood to do nothing but nap and marathon season 3 and 4 of ‘House of Cards,’ so I didn’t want to be overly ambitious.   I am not the biggest fan of this yarn, and I recall purchasing it because it was on clearance at Michaels. It’s a dark brown with shiny copper running through it, and it reminds me of Halloween. I’ve been using this yarn as my sacrificial test yarn for when I try a new pattern out. This pattern can be found on Here.

I haven’t knitted with more than two needles in a really long time (probably 11 years), and using five needles frustrated me from time to time. This project took me two days to finish – I had to put the knitting down and take breaks because it frustrates me that my progress was so slow (lol, counterintuitive!). 

I like the overall effect of knitting though, which is unfortunate… 😦 it feels like a trial getting through a project, unlike crochet projects. Knitted hats are more stretchy than crocheted hats, which have a bit of give but not anywhere near that of knitted hats. The stitches for knits are also smaller/daintier than crochet stitches.  I also tried out a new pattern for a slouchy beanie. The original pattern has instructions for many sizes, which made resizing it for Neo Blythes pretty easy. I used a different size hook and yarn weight than the pattern called for, and tweaked several of the rows in order to take the blythe’s head shape into consideration.

I really like how this hat looks on my Blythes, and I think I’ll make one for myself soon ^^.  I like the slouchy beanie look because I think it makes my girls look cool, as opposed to girly. … It doesn’t go with Reese’s dress though, but she’s just modeling it so NBD. The hat is listed on my etsy store ^^.  

Happy Monday folks!


3 thoughts on “Crocheting and Knitting

  1. I have to say that I agree that in smaller scale pieces knitting looks prettier and feels less thick than crochet, in many cases anyway. I’ve been trying to contradict that by trying a bunch of yarns, threads, stitches, you name it and I have reached only a few pieces that make me happy. I’ve just received my 0.75mm hook so we’ll see what I can do with that! Hopefully not go blind! xD

    I’ve been meaning to write this comment since you posted this. >_< Some days are just busy with so many little things that a simple thing like writing a comment takes gigantic proportions!

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    • I know what you mean! I’m also like that with commenting on blogs – I’ll think of something I want to say, and even start writing my comment, but something distracts me or I lose my train of thought or something.
      Knitting is a lot more effort for me and it takes way longer than crocheting, but when I do make something successfully, I feel pretty accomplished. I think, I may try crocheting with lace weight yarn (something fluffy), but when the yarn becomes that thin and insubstantial, I struggle with finding stitches.

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