A Reason to Save

As of late, the Smart Dolls by Danny Choo have been occupying my mind. Currently, Smart Doll offers a core line of characters in 1/3 scale, however, the Smart Doll really caught my attention when I saw that they were working on a 1/6 scale doll to come out this winter.5ab20f156de5039f153baa480e2e39c0

There are a few reasons why I’ve been obsessing with Smart Dolls

  • They aren’t strung. Instead, they have an internal skeleton


  • They are made of vinyl, and not resin. Vinyl seems sturdier than resin (this might be a misconception of mine though).
  • The core dolls are based off of characters, with names and backstories, and a signature look (which could be changed of course to base the doll off of an OC to the owner’s desire). In a way, I find this part similar to Blythe dolls in that once I choose a doll/character, I can tweak the doll to suit my aesthetics, whether it’s by changing her hair, changing her eyes, or dressing her a certain way. I already know that I’m not the faceup master, so having a cute default face (like a stock face for the Blythe doll) is a plus.
  • The 1/6 scale is so tempting because of the possibility that I might be able to share wardrobes between my blythe dolls and whatever Smart Doll I add to my family. But… the more I look at the 1/3 scale dolls, the more I wonder whether I wouldn’t enjoy a big poseable doll also!

I hope to get a smart doll by the end of this year (whether it’s the 1/6 scale or the 1/3 scale, time will tell). Actually, I’m half hoping that this Smart doll obsession is a phase XD. They are mighty expensive.


6 thoughts on “A Reason to Save

    • :-/ really easily? I would probably just never dress my dolls in anything dark colored ever lol. I was contemplating the dollfie dreams! I heard their plastic is made of soft vinyl, while the smart doll isn’t. Do you like the 1/3 size? I really love Chitose and Eiji (the white haired girl and the boy doll), and there’s a tan boy doll coming out soon that I like too. I’ve never owned a doll that size, so i wonder what are the pros and cons of that scale. I hear the dolls are relatively light weight though, so carrying them around isn’t too bad.
      Also I saw photos, and I think Danny Choo is coming out with 1/9 scale dolls too!


      • Pretty easily. I keep mine in light clothing. Most of my dolls are now 1/3 and I have to say the DD dolls feel pretty substantial. I do like the 1/3 size, but having a lot of them is kind of overwhelming.

        So just don’t get a lot. XD

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  1. The Smart Dolls are definitely super-cute…but also super-expensive. Like Dollfie Dream, really; I tend to equate the two, though of course the DD have ordinary joints, unlike the skeleton inside the Smart Dolls. (I have to admit to a considerable amount of curiosity about how those work!)

    I don’t yet have any resin dolls, so I don’t know if they’re any more or less sturdy than vinyl, but I do know that resin stains in a very different way from vinyl or plastic: with resin (or so I’ve heard) you actually have to worry about them being stained by light itself. (So apparently you’re supposed to buy super-expensive, beautiful dolls and then leave them in their boxes most of the time? Ack. I think I’d rather the staining…)

    As to 1/3 vs 1/6…I’m not in a good position to judge, since my only 1/3 scale doll at the moment is Juliet, who’s sort of a different kettle of fish. (Um, okay, that metaphor is broken…) On the one hand, having such a large doll opens up all kinds of doors for photography, and the possibility for detail that would be forbiddingly expensive in a smaller scale. On the other hand, they take up a lot more space, and their clothes tend to be expensive, and they can’t share clothes with your other dolls. So…like any other doll-buying experience, there are pros and cons. I think it’s mostly about the feel of the doll. Which one feels right for you, on a personal level. (Which isn’t to say that stabbing blindly can’t work out: I was pretty unsure about Juliet when I ordered her, but she’s worked out great for me. But Juliet only cost me $70, whereas a Smart Doll is…about $1,000, like a DD, right?)


    I’m wrong.

    Juliet is no longer my only 1/3 scale doll.

    The one I just got today at the antique mall is 56 cm, which puts her squarely in 1/3 scale territory.

    OMG. I am completely blown away by this. I thought she was more like 1/4 scale.



    Sorry to throw that into a reply, it’s just that it’s totally blown me away.

    I have a desperate, last minute post to get up tonight, so I’ll mention her in that, but…just…whoa….

    Um…yeah, I stopped making sense a while ago, so I’ll just go get to that post now…

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    • XD the smart dolls are 50k yen for the 1/3 size which is about $500 I think. I didn’t realize DDs were so expensive!! My worry is that if I buy the 1/3 scale doll, I’ll just have it displayed in my room, and never take it out for photos unless it’s like 7am on the weekend and I’m fairly certain no one is out and about. Also, Blythe clothes add up ad some of the items are expensive, I can only imagine how expensive 1/3 scale doll clothes are! The smart doll website sells a good selection of clothes that look like they’re made really well, but I can see my shopping cart really adding up.

      Then again, I don’t want to just close myself off from the possibility of other scales XD.


      • Oh, I thought the Smart Dolls were pricier than that. $500 isn’t nearly as bad as $1000. Though, actually, some of the DDs can be had for more like $8-900 if you find them on Mandarake. (Though they can also be significantly *more* than $1000.)

        The only officially made DD clothes I’ve seen have been on Mandarake, generally starting about $80 per outfit…though sometimes the outfits include a wig, which makes the price slightly less outrageous. And they almost always include shoes. In terms of Etsy clothes, just like Blythe clothes, they run a range, but the starting point seems about twice the basic Blythe starting point. (And when you get into some of the serious stuff, it can go several hundred. Like the person selling exact recreations of some of the elven costumes from “The Hobbit”…)

        Yeah, taking a 1/3 scale doll out for a public photo shoot is probably pretty awkward. (Never tried it yet…) If you ever go to anime cons, you could take them there without too much awkwardness, I’d think. (There’s an outfit I want to have made for Juliet that would basically be just for anime cons…)

        Definitely never close yourself off from other scales. 😀 It’s always fun to add variety to your dolly collection. If you want to ease into bigger dolls, you could try a 1/4 scale doll. Or you liked Ever After High as a starter line, right? They did a bigger version of Maddy Hatter, which I think is roughly 1/4 scale. You could get that as an inexpensive experiment into larger scales, see how a larger doll feels to pose and photograph, and how it fits in on your doll shelf.

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