I recently asked a facebook group what their favorite body is for their Blythe dolls. I have opinions about the bodies commonly used for Blythes (at least opinions on the bodies I’ve owned):

Jointed body (Sweetiiger and Azone) – I haven’t tried the Azone on a Blythe, but I have owned dolls on an Azone body. I like the poseability of the jointed bodies, and the different hands are fun for photos. However, I found that these types of bodies don’t support a Blythe doll’s head very well, and the joints tend to buckle under the weight of it.

Licca Chan body – I love the look and proportions of this body. I like the bendy limbs, and its potential for posing. I prefer the non-tilt neck bodies over the tilt-neck ones. The feet are bigger than that of the regular stock bodies, which makes finding shoes that fit inconvenient.

Stock Blythe body – I don’t dislike this body – it has a classy feel to it and because it’s the body that stock blythes come in, I associate it with just being quintessentially blythe-like (kind of like shiny stock faces). The stock body doesn’t really have a wide range of poseability, but there’s just so much out there in terms of clothes and shoes.

Now, here’s something I never thought to do – one person in the group commented that their favorite body was a stock Blythe body with Licca arms. /MIND BLOWN

Here’s the tutorial I followed.


I first tried it on Rory, who was on a tilt-neck Licca chan body. Her head wobbled a lot because of the tilt-neck piece, and I wasn’t the biggest fan of that as it felt a bit unstable. I put her back on the body I purchased her with (the fake blythe body), and transplanted the Licca chan arms into the sockets. This was relatively easy, as Rory’s stock body arms popped right off with some vigorous pulling.

I decided I would do the same for Finley as I wasn’t crazy about her stock body anyway, but I also didn’t want to completely swap her body out for a Licca chan body, being that she is one of my professionally customized girls and I have never had success with opening up her head ever.

Finley’s stock arms were a nightmare to take off! My right hand is swollen right now from all the pulling and twisting I had to do to get them off. BUT! I am REALLY happy with how she looks right now! SO CUTE. So happy!

I took this chance as an opportunity to try out my newest dress on her, and kind of play with her hair. I ordered a Plastic Fashion dress a couple of weeks ago, and delayed opening it for a day I felt like I needed a pick-me-up. I wasn’t sure who this dress would go to, but it suits Finley because it has a Goldilocks vibe to it.

I also tried doing a waterfall braid for the first time. I plan on going to the park this weekend to hopefully see some cherry blossom trees, and I’m definitely taking Finley out for photos!

Happy Friday everyone!



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