Hello Hujoo Janus Gato


This is a Janus cat.



This is the Hujoo Janus Gato. He arrived from the Junky Spot, and so quickly too! I picked him up today at the post office and deboxed him. I was really surprised by how big he is! He’s about 12 inches tall, which makes him about as tall as a Blythe, but because of his proportional body, he seems so much more substantial than my other dolls. He has two faces, one cat face, and one human face, and this doll was one of the very first strung bjd-style dolls I had wanted a little less than a year ago.

Straight off the bat, I noticed some quality issues with the doll. He had a nick on the top of his head where his face plates meet and another one on the side of his chest. Now… I was upset when I saw it, but not so much anymore. Let me explain – it took an hour for me to pry his damn head open. I have to say, between this Hujoo Janus and my Hujoo Nano, Hujoo dolls have got to be the worst in terms of opening up the head. I even googled “how to open Hujoo Janus head” to see if I was doing something wrong. I guess this sculpt is either rare or unpopular, because there aren’t many references to it outside of the Hujoo official company website and maybe one or two blogs.


My hands are killing me right now, between yesterday’s arm transplants and today’s head opening. Like the Nano Rabi, the Janus Gato’s head is also held together by these plastic pegs. To open the head up, I had to pry the head open little by little with a tiny flat screwdriver (covered in layers of tape), and slowly work it open. I did a lot of pulling at first (to no avail) to try to avoid using the screwdriver, but I didn’t think I had much of a choice after a certain point. When I was able to get the head open, I found I didn’t care so much about the little chip at the top of the head, seeing as how I made a couple of my own pry marks at the bottom of the head. I sanded off the small nicks with very fine sand paper, and I’m relieved they aren’t noticeable.

I have also come to terms with the fact that once I install the eyes, do the faceups, and push the head plates together again, I may never ever open up this guy’s head ever again. Ever.

For his eyes, I am purchasing these two eyes:

The seller is KOK Doll Collection on eBay, and I’m undecided what size eyes to get (waiting for the seller to send me a new invoice with combined shipping). The Janus Gato calls for 14mm eyes, so I might ghet the purple/grey eyes in 14mm, and the green/gold eyes in 16mm for his cat face plate. I want there to be more color than white part (woo science words I don’t know) for his cat form eyes, so please correct me if I’m wrong to size up >_<.

He doesn’t have a name, but I’m leaning toward Felix or Mamoru.


don’t judge my drawings NooOOOoo…

XD Here are my doodles done in my Hobonichi Techo. My inspiration for this doll is the maneki neko. He will be a maneki neko spirit. Kind of in the same family as the nekomata and bakeneko, his character will be a spirit in the form of a cat, but unlike those two, he’s a benevolent being. I’m not sure that Japanese folklore views the maneki neko as a spirit, but rather a symbol of good luck with an origin story. He comes into existence because the energy and hope for the statue of the cat to bring luck and good fortune and its use as a symbol has brought about the birth of spirits associated with that symbol and all it stands for (not a naturally existing spirit, but one born by necessity of the people). I may still get him red eyes, but I’m undecided. A white maneki neko symbolizes purity, happiness, and good luck. He needs a red or green bandana for his neck, and either a collar with a bell or a necklace with a bell. I might dress him in a raglan style white top with grey sweatpants, and also attempt to make him a kimono.

Funny enough, his cat face is the face that inspires me more! I’m excited to start his faceup, but I might do some more sketches to get a better idea of what I’m going to attempt.

6 thoughts on “Hello Hujoo Janus Gato

  1. I’m sorry it was so hard to get his head opened up! Freya’s head was really easy to open, and I don’t remember having any trouble with Suve’s…though I still need to fix her face-up, so I’ll have to pay attention next time. If my Hujoos were the exception in terms of opening up the head, then maybe I’m glad the only others they had in this size were in the same jaundiced Apricot color as Suve. (I was totally thinking of getting one, if only they’d had another skin tone to choose from!)

    Those eyes you’re thinking of getting look really pretty. 🙂 I *think* sizing up should have the effect you want, but I’m not sure, since I’ve never done anything like that.

    Your face-up ideas look really cool! 😀 (And I, personally, think your sketches are just fine.)

    BTW, I think — though I could be totally wrong — that he’s basically YO-SD sized, so you might not have to make him a kimono; you might be able to buy one. There are certainly a lot of Etsy sellers who make YO-SD sized clothes, anyway. (One of the many reasons I’d like to get a YO-SD sized doll…)

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing him with his face-up! 😀

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    • Yes! I think the Hujoo Janus Gato is about YOSD or Littlefee sized. I’m trying to be thrifty with his wardrobe though, since he can’t fit in any of my Blythe doll clothes (it would have been nice if he could atleast wear their shirts). I ordered his eyes in 14mm, because I was worried that ordering a bigger size would make placing them in his eye sockets a little awkward. In terms of BJD glass eyes, the two in the photo aren’t way expensive ($15 a pair, compared to the $25-40 i see from official bjd companies and the popular brands), but they’re also not as cheap as the eyes I ordered for my Hujoo Nano Rabi (about $8). I might experiment with colors for this cat boy and order cheaper 16mm eyes in yellow or red to test on him. ^^

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    • Hello. Unfortunately I haven’t had a chance to work on him. He’s gotten a new human face plate though (because his original one was chipped), and some clothes. I just need to buy some MSC! >_< I think he might have to wait till the fall for a faceup. Things have been a bit hectic lately. thank you for asking!


  2. Is he completed yet? :0 he sounds super awesome and all, and I’m saving up for the Janus Gato myself (it probably sounds odd to have to save up for such a low-priced doll, but i’m very poor ^^;) I just love looking at pictures of his sculpt, and your design for him looks so adorable!!

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