The Hair Makes the Blythe

I’ve mentioned in my Rerooting Adventures posts that I really wanted to change Rory’s scalp. I wasn’t happy with the way I had cut the neon orange and pink hair, and the color also read more orange than pink to me. I had bought more saran to try rerooting my second Cool Cat scalp, thinking I would do a better job, and that the second time would be easier than the first time. Well… I sort of fell into a rut with the rerooting. Rerooting was really tough on my hands, and the process as a whole wasn’t very fun. I had “work on reroot” on my To-Do list for ages, and I just wasn’t getting around to it. SO, I decided to part with the materials and I got a Didee Eureka scalp for Rory instead!

Old hair on the left, new hair on the right! She looks so different! I was considering redoing her face-up and deepening her carving, but honestly, I don’t think I’m ready for such a big project. Also, I’m a little attached to her simple face. I think of her as kind of the transition between my fully customized girls and my stock girls. I will, however, be redoing her eyelid art. I’m not a fan of the primary green on her lids. Also, they’re a bit scuffed, which bothers me some.


So here’s what Rory has going on:

  • Didee Eureka scalp
  • Fake/factory face plates, eye mech, and body (not including the arms)
  • Licca chan arms

All in all, I’m so glad the weekend is finally here! I have a number of projects I’m looking forward to working on ^^.

2 thoughts on “The Hair Makes the Blythe

  1. Oh wow Rory looks so different, I feel like I’m looking at a new doll :b I think a new face up would be great, but I do love her simply carved face, she’s very cute 🙂 I really love that picture of her on the top left, such a cute outfit!!

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