Things I’m looking forward to

  • The weekend – It’s been hell-week at my job.
  • Ordering yarn from Knit Picks – I think I’ll bite the bullet this weekend! My sister said she would dye yarn with me, so I plan on getting a few skeins of bare yarn ^^. Also, I’m going to treat myself to some sock yarn! I want to attempt to knit myself some socks.
  • The BJD eyes that I ordered for my Hujoo Janus Gato – They’re currently at customs… Hopefully they come next week.
  • Quite possibly making a 2 hour trek via public transportation to Gundam Planet in the next state over for some MSC (because I ran out… also I kind of want to check out this place).
  • Receiving a swap package from a dolly friend. ^^ She’s already received the package I sent to her, and tried some of the items on her dolls. I love seeing photos of other people’s dolls wearing things I’ve handmade. The below are from her flickr ^^ (I made both hats and the white sweater in the photo on the bottom).


  • A weekend of knitting while cuddling with my cat and watching doll-related youtube videos.
  • Finally head out to the nearby park with one or two of my Blythes and have a photo session (most likely at 9AM in the morning to avoid them crowds).

Here’s to a very quick Friday!


6 thoughts on “Things I’m looking forward to

  1. Yarn-dying sounds both exciting and scary.

    Exciting in a totally different way is the idea of going to a store called Gundam Planet! My brother is a huge Gundam fan; he would totally go nuts over that place. (Personally, I only really like Gundam Wing…) Looking at their web page, I couldn’t help thinking of Sgt. Keroro going in there and completely going bonkers…

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the eyes look in your Janus Gato! Speaking of whom, how’s his face-up coming? (I seem to be feeling nosy this morning…)

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    • I watched a pod cast where the person used food coloring to dye their yarn and it came out really pretty! ^^ I really enjoy DIY things like this, so I’m looking forward to making a day out of it. I ran out of Msc redoing Rory’s face, so I’ve put doing my hujoo’s face up on hold. I can’t decide whether to order a can of MSc online or go to Gundam Planet and pick it up. I’m not into gundams but they sell anime figures and I’m sure the store would be fun to browse. I’m okay with long commutes since I have my 3ds ^^

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      • If you’ve got a place to buy MSC in person, that’s probably the best way to get it; when I ordered a can from the Junky Spot, they had to send it UPS and required it be signed for, so I nearly missed the package entirely. 😦 (Because naturally on that day UPS — which normally hits my neighborhood in the very late afternoon — came in the midmorning, when I had to be out. And then the next day it came within a half an hour of my returning home from a brief but required excursion.)

        The addition of regular anime figures definitely ups the interest level! 😀 It would definitely be fun to look around at a store like that.

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