Yarn, yarn, and some more yarn

My Knitpicks order came! I ordered quite a bit more than I expected too in order to reach the $50 free shipping. 

By far, way nicer yarn than I have used in a while. Everything in my stash before this haul was purchased from Michaels, and either cotton or acrylic. For my Knitpicks order, I ordered two Bare skeins for dyeing, 6 skeins of sock yarn (stroll I think), 1 skein of lace weight mohair, and 1 skein of alpaca yarn if I remember correctly (I might be wrong XD). I already dyed one of the bare yarns yesterday, along with the other half of the practice yarn I purchased from Michaels. Behold!

By the way, winding the pink/yellow skein was a nightmare. I literally stood over a table for three hours trying to wind the yarn into a ball without ending up with a tangled mess. I’m quite pleased with my results for this round of dyeing! This time I used food coloring and kool aid powder. I found that the kool aid powder is especially good for getting a speckle effect. 

The blue/green practice yarn has become a part of a pair of slippers and a merit badge. ^^ The slippers are kind of ugly but soooo comfortable and easy to make. The merit badge is quite cute! I have it hanging as a charm on one of my purses.

(don’t mind my feet plz D:)

I’m really happy with how the blue/green skein came out! For my other bare yarn skein, I might try to recreate the effect. I was a bit reserved with my pink/yellow skein because I was worried I’d end up with a rainbow tiedye skein again. 

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

8 thoughts on “Yarn, yarn, and some more yarn

    • XD thank you! The slippers were super easy to make and going to my mom. I like having the merit badge as a swatch of my dyeing experiment skein ^^. I’ve been scouring my house for old pins I could use to make more in the future!

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  1. Knitted your yarns look very good. It is fun to dye them isn’t it 🙂 I have a lot of dye left over from my silk dyeing days. I wonder if they can be used for this purpose 🙂
    I today I went to a yarn shop, they had a yarn when you knit it, it is colored so that when it is complete it looks like you had a specific design on mind. Isn’t that genius 🙂
    I am looking forward to see what you will do next.

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    • I saw your photos on Flickr! So much yarn! I wouldn’t have been able to help myself XD. I really like dyeing yarn, and I think I will be dyeing my other skein this weekend ^^.


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