Doll Shelf Goals

I’ve learned that I value variety in my Blythe collection. It’s easier for me to justify adding a new blythe to the family if I don’t already own a similar doll. Also, it helps me keep my wishlist finite.

Here’s the line up right now (listed left to right):


  • Finley – Cadence Majorette, RBL+, long white-blonde hair with straight across bangs and a center part. Chantilly Lace custom girl.
  • Reese – Completely stock Wendy Weekender. FBL, medium length wavy mint blue hair with straight across bangs and a center part.
  • Marina – Factory blythe, long wavy teal hair with straight across bangs and a center part. Project dollhouse custom girl.
  • Rory – Factory blythe with Didee Eureka scalp, reddish brown curly hair with straight across bangs and a center part. Custom girl by me.
  • Elowyn – Completely stock Cherie Babette. Translucent FBL, short dark brown hair with straight across bangs and a center part.

Here are some traits I’m hoping to add to my doll collection:

  • Girl with no bangs – All my girls have straight across bangs!
  • Girl with side part – All my girls have center parts 😦
  • BL mold
  • Hair Colors – Pink, Red, and Blonde/Ash Brown
  • A girl with all special chips

Mondrian has been on my wishlist for quite a while, and she would knock off BL, no bangs, and blonde hair from my list.


Photo taken from (not my photo!)

Royal Soliloquy is also often on my wishlist, but she kind of floats on and off of it.


Photo from

Her overall look is quite striking and very elegant… but  sometimes I find this doll off-putting. RoSo would knock off red hair, all special chips, and no bangs from my list. I think it may be that the stark contrast between her hair, and her pale skin tone, as well as the bold coloring of her stock and her features makes her look a bit severe.

I’ve been splurging a bit on my hobbies, but I’ve been pretty good about not adding another blythe to my shelf. I think the next thing on my To-Do list will be to konmari my doll wardrobe.


11 thoughts on “Doll Shelf Goals

  1. Ooo I also want to konmari my dolly wordrobe.. And whole house ^^ Your dolly shelf looks beautiful, but it needs a Mondrian for sure! One more stock girl and you’ll be even stock to custom… Enable much? I love dolly family photos. I’d love to add a girl with all special chips to my collection as well.. I do believe that the new anniversary girl has all special chips 😉 I’ve been checking her out. Have an awesome day Olive, great post!

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    • Thank you!! I plan on moving in the near future so I’m trying not to accumulate more Blythes. But I’m always on the lookout for deals (my weakness!). Also, I should be more conscious of how much I spend on doll clothes, but since they’re so small and easy to store and also not as pricey as a full doll, I tend not to think about it XD. The new anniversary girl is really pretty, but also her pre sale price on CC toys was so high!


  2. I’ve said many times that I love your little family but I’ll say it again because they are all so cute and lovely! RoSo has been on my radar since the very beginning of my Blythe discovery. I love everything about her and when I look at her I actually have the feeling that I’m in the presence of a member of a royal family! Silly, I know!! I will have that doll one day! But I also need a girl with bangs and a girl with side part. I really like Strawberries N’ Creamy Cute but that would make 3 red heads on my collection. Hehehe

    I think it’s interesting that you didn’t add a blue and black hair girl to your list. You don’t particularly like those colors or you just trying to keep your list small? ^_^

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    • RoSo is really fancy! Everything about her seems really special (her winged liner, her taupe lids, her chips). I kind of consider my Reese and Marina as blue haired girls (kind of blue ^^). I think I prefer unusual/fantasy hair shades.

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  3. Both of the girls are nice I have to say – But since mandarian is an old doll so her hair might be thinner than the girls you have ^_^ RoSo’s makeup is pretty I think ^_^

    By the way, lovely collection you have had

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