Highlights from Today’s Blythe Meet

Tons o’ fun, and quite the turn-out for today’s Blythe Meet. I was stoked to have been able to see a K07doll custom in person (the blue haired custom on the upper right), and I can confirm that the doll is amazingly cute in person as it is in photos ^^.

EXHAUSTED! And feeling quite talked out, since I don’t normally do much socializing. I’m really happy that there’s a somewhat active Blythe community in my area. The meets are a fun gathering of like-minded people, who just genuinely love Blythes/dolls. It also gives me the opportunity to meet new people in the community, and in some cases, put a face to a username, or owners to the doll.

7 thoughts on “Highlights from Today’s Blythe Meet

  1. I’m jealous! I wish there were a doll group in my area! As it is, I’m the only person over age 10 that loves dolls that I know if in a 100 mile radius. I’m sure there have to be others, but they are unknown to me!

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  2. This makes me want to go to a meeting! I wonder if there’s regular meetings around Dallas Tx. Of course it would be very complicated for me to actually go since I’d have to take my little ones too, you know, the ones that like to run around! xD Wouldn’t have any quiet moment to actually enjoy the meeting! lol


    • There has to be! I feel like there’s a you tuber I’ve recently subscribed to that is based in Texas (not sure if it’s Dallas… But I know Texas is really big so she might be really far away). Also, sometimes some attendees bring their kids.

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