The tiniest hipster to ever hipster

I decided to dive into my Blythe wardrobe to redress my (still nameless!) Licca chan. I’m still doing some trial and error to see what fits and what is too big. I thought her flannel shirt and jeans were not complete without a beanie, so I attempted to crochet one!

This is the smallest hat I’ve ever made, and it’s still a bit too bulky. I might try knitting a beanie instead, but I’m slightly intimidated by knitting in the round for something that tiny. What I really want now is some large black frame glasses for her! 

I’m also currently working on a pair of tiny baby socks! They’re the Rose City Rollers sock pattern by Orange Knits. I’ve started the second sock, but dang, do I really not want to XD. I guess after the first sock, the pattern becomes really monotonous. I’m really excited to see these socks on my baby cousin’s wee feet ^^. 

I’m really looking forward to the long weekend, kind of just to catch up on things I’ve been meaning to do… Like declutter some more dolly clothes, finish some of my WiPs… catch up on some sleep.

One more thing! I’m having a sale at my etsy store for 20% off with code SUMMERSALE. 

Saying goodbye

XD The title sounds way more ominous than it should. I’ve mentioned before that I am planning on moving in the near future, and the thought of safely packing and traveling with all my dolls is daunting. Currently, I have five Neo Blythes, 2 licca chan dolls, and 2 hujoos (yosd and super tiny).

My dolls are a source of comfort for me – a fun and simple outlet for me during times of stress or melancholy. I know for sure that I will be taking my dolls with me, as opposed to having them shipped, so I started thinking about which of my dollies were indispensable to me.
By the process of elimination, I’ve decided to try rehoming Rory, my Hujoo Nano Rabi, and my pink haired Licca chan. If you’re interested in any of these girls, please send me an email at and I will send you the listing link.

Hujoo nano Rabi – comes with faceup, eyes as shown, and a knitted sweater of my choosing. Listed on eBay for $56 shipped.

Rory – fake base doll with real Didee Eureka scalp. She has some eye mech issues (the mech was broken then repaired, the eyes change well except on the brown side facing chips), and she has a scratch on her left lid painting. Her fake body has rubbery legs. Listed on eBay for $105 shipped.

Licca chan – Merry go Round licca chan with a different body than her original. Her body is a non tilt neck licca body that says Takara China on the back. There are some marks on her legs, but they’re quite faint (I haven’t tried removing them). $25 shipped.

It’s weird! My shelf will now only have four neos and one licca chan (and the yosd Hujoo in my closet). I kind of feel less pressure when thinking “how will I take them all?” I’m also glad that I held back on purchasing all the dolls in this year and a half I’ve been in this hobby.

She’s so Retro

I had mentioned I purchased a reproduction 2nd Generation Licca chan on eBay in my last post. I really want a 1st generation reproduction, but I stumbled on such a good deal for a NRFB 2nd generation repro, that I couldn’t pass her up. 

There’s nothing quite like unboxing a new doll! It’s exciting and it feels special ^^. The doll came in this really funky outfit… I’m not sure how in-style this outfit was in the 70s, but to me it looks like a funky dance costume. 

/wardrobe change

Much better :3 . Licca chan is wearing a Sleepforever dress and (way too big for her) Qmagicdoll shoes. I love her pretty chestnut brown hair, her coral lips, and how petite she is! 

Her head shape does remind me of a jelly bean or an edamame, but I still think she’s super cute! I’m not sure whether to give her a Japanese name or a retro name. I’m also having fun trying to figure out what clothes I have that might fit her ^^.

The Ever-changing Wishlist

Reading Jann’s post called “The Wishlist Overhaul” has prompted me to update my own list. Dolls are so uncomplicated (lol, well they should be. I guess in THEORY they’re uncomplicated), and I wanted to take some time off from thinking about real-life worries to think about how my wishlist might have changed.

I’ve been pretty happy with the number of Blythes I have on my shelf. I’ve been pretty good about keeping the number of Blythe girls at 5. I don’t think my Blythe wishlist has changed much. I still want a Slow Nimes, Royal Soliloquy, and a Mondrian, but I’m in no rush. It would also be nice to add a pastel pink haired girl to my shelf…

As for the other dolls on my shelf, I have 1 Licca chan, 1 Hujoo Nano Rabi, and 1 Hujoo Janus Gato (still in my closet with no faceup or anything :-/). I’m also expecting a 2nd Generation Repro Licca chan in the mail this week >_< . I couldn’t help myself – she was listed NRFB and at half the price I normally see this doll listed for.


From the ebay listing. Not my photo.

I’ve really been wanting a 1st generation Repro Licca chan, because I love the shape of their eyes (they’re almond shaped and very simple and clean). I was on the fence about buying this 2nd generation Repro, but I ended up caving. Not my photo, but I found a photo on Flickr showing three different types of Licca chan dolls (1st gen repro, 2nd gen repro, and current Licca chan model).

One day! I’ll add a 1st Generation Repro to my collection.

My desire for a Smart doll has kind of quelled, but I’m still waiting to see if I really want the 1/6 scale versions. Mirai and Chitose are quite cute, but I always find Eiji to be lacking in the non-stock photos. There’s something dead-eyed about his expression/features, and the stock wig doesn’t lay as flat as I think it should. I have hopes for the smaller scale dolls though! Since I’m quite at home in the 1/6 scale, maybe these doll’s features would appeal to me more miniaturized? I still want to at some point own a doll that looks like Marshall Lee and maybe Prince Gumball (what would their ship name be? Marshball? Princelee? Gumlee? Gumshall?) How weird would a Marshall x Marcelline pairing be? Marshalline? Don’t judge… every ship is a valid ship.

Now back to real life. I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat T_T.


Out and about

I met up with my friend today in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather and also get some exercise (I wish knitting and crocheting burned more calories). My friend brought her new Momoko doll out while I redressed and brought out Reese, my Wendy Weekender. 

the flatiron building

we got ice cream!

candid camera outside of Ippudo Ramen

I love taking walks with a doll, because the change in scenery compared to the photos I normally take at home is refreshing. 


My friend’s Momoko is also quite beautiful! Tanned dolls seem special to me because there doesn’t seem to be as many released by Asian doll companies, and there’s something quite striking about how the bold lip doesn’t distract from her face or starkly contrast to her skin tone. 
Momoko looks pretty editorial next to Reese.

What Reese is wearing: Samedi Marche stock top, Kuloft suspender skirt, MINIJIJO socks, Les Jeunette stock shoes, knitted fox headband.

Normally I don’t like to do ANYTHING on Sunday – Sunday is my literal day of rest. I don’t do anything to mentally and physically prepare myself for work the next day. My plan for the remainder of the day is to laze about ^^. 

Making wearables

I’ve been busily crocheting this past week, trying to work through some of the yarn I’ve accumulated in the past couple of years. One yarn in particular, a Bernat satin sport yarn in a midtone blue, has been sitting in my stash for the longest, and I had about 12 skeins of it. Now, I’m down to 2 skeins!

I made a Movie Night Cacoon Cardi, which my sister quickly claimed. Here it is modeled on my mom: 

I also made 2 crocheted beanies using the same yarn, following the Shanti hat pattern.These two hats are going to my sister as well, and I think I’ll make another hat for myself, as they’re quite comfy! This may be my favorite crocheted beanie to date.

I also wanted to share some additions to my yarn stash:

I purchased this yarn from Dyedinthewoolyarnco from etsy. The color is called “wiggle” and it is SO beautifully dyed! It’s a sock yarn, and I’m planning on knitting a shawlette for myself. I purchased a pattern from ravelry and I’m excited to get started on it ^^. I can’t wait to see how this yarn knits up.

I also received a surprise package from a dolly friend! She sent me some beautiful cotton yarn all the way from Turkey. I’m thinking of making a sun hat for myself (awesome to have cotton yarn with this onset of extremely hot weather).

There’s something super satisfying with making wearables. 


I currently have 2 works in progress – one crocheting project and one knitting project. I started my knitting project first – I wanted to try different colors for the heel and toe for my next pair of socks and so I learned how to change yarn by watching YouTube videos.

I’m not as happy with how this sock came out compared to my last pair, but the neon heel and toe are fun! I did a ribbed cuff, and a stockinette the heel. It’s been a week since I finished this sock… And I kind of don’t want to start the second sock. Ughh do not want. (is this Second Sock Syndrome??)

My second project is the Movie Night Cacoon Cardi

So far I’ve used up 3 skeins of Bernat sport yarn (pattern calls for 6), and I need to crochet about 10 more inches on each side before I get to the next step. It’s basically a giant granny square shrug. It’s pretty satisfying with how quickly it’s crocheting up. Also, I’ve had this navy blue sport yarn for a really long time and I’m glad to find a good use for it.

I wish it was fall! Then I can wear all my wooly creations.