Out and about

I met up with my friend today in order to take advantage of the beautiful weather and also get some exercise (I wish knitting and crocheting burned more calories). My friend brought her new Momoko doll out while I redressed and brought out Reese, my Wendy Weekender. 

the flatiron building

we got ice cream!

candid camera outside of Ippudo Ramen

I love taking walks with a doll, because the change in scenery compared to the photos I normally take at home is refreshing. 


My friend’s Momoko is also quite beautiful! Tanned dolls seem special to me because there doesn’t seem to be as many released by Asian doll companies, and there’s something quite striking about how the bold lip doesn’t distract from her face or starkly contrast to her skin tone. 
Momoko looks pretty editorial next to Reese.

What Reese is wearing: Samedi Marche stock top, Kuloft suspender skirt, MINIJIJO socks, Les Jeunette stock shoes, knitted fox headband.

Normally I don’t like to do ANYTHING on Sunday – Sunday is my literal day of rest. I don’t do anything to mentally and physically prepare myself for work the next day. My plan for the remainder of the day is to laze about ^^. 


7 thoughts on “Out and about

  1. I envy your ability to go out on these dolly outings. The window for them in this neck of the woods is about five minutes long. 😦

    Some people describe this part of the Midwest as “temperate,” which is apparently a code word for “freakishly short spring and fall, surrounded by blistering heat and freezing cold.” I like that stuff doesn’t cost as much as it does on the coasts, but…ugh, this weather is killing me. (Though that’s partially ’cause I still can’t close my windows and turn on my AC…)

    Still, maybe I can at least take one of my dolls with me to the museum some weekend, do some poses on the antique furniture, and/or with some super-vintage dolls. If it’s not too horrid out, maybe I could even get some shots of downtown…though we don’t have any buildings as cool as the flatiron there. (Or if there’s a ball game, I could take shots of the lunatics filing past the museum to get into the stadium. :P)

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    • I often wish there were more secluded woodsy areas near me! Or just more open space and less condensed of a population (drawbacks of city dwelling). I try to take my dolls out for photos when the weather and daylight hours permit (lately it’s been way humid and super hot here too), but more often than not my dolls are just sitting my shelf (just staring as me with their giant eyes).


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