The Ever-changing Wishlist

Reading Jann’s post called “The Wishlist Overhaul” has prompted me to update my own list. Dolls are so uncomplicated (lol, well they should be. I guess in THEORY they’re uncomplicated), and I wanted to take some time off from thinking about real-life worries to think about how my wishlist might have changed.

I’ve been pretty happy with the number of Blythes I have on my shelf. I’ve been pretty good about keeping the number of Blythe girls at 5. I don’t think my Blythe wishlist has changed much. I still want a Slow Nimes, Royal Soliloquy, and a Mondrian, but I’m in no rush. It would also be nice to add a pastel pink haired girl to my shelf…

As for the other dolls on my shelf, I have 1 Licca chan, 1 Hujoo Nano Rabi, and 1 Hujoo Janus Gato (still in my closet with no faceup or anything :-/). I’m also expecting a 2nd Generation Repro Licca chan in the mail this week >_< . I couldn’t help myself – she was listed NRFB and at half the price I normally see this doll listed for.


From the ebay listing. Not my photo.

I’ve really been wanting a 1st generation Repro Licca chan, because I love the shape of their eyes (they’re almond shaped and very simple and clean). I was on the fence about buying this 2nd generation Repro, but I ended up caving. Not my photo, but I found a photo on Flickr showing three different types of Licca chan dolls (1st gen repro, 2nd gen repro, and current Licca chan model).

One day! I’ll add a 1st Generation Repro to my collection.

My desire for a Smart doll has kind of quelled, but I’m still waiting to see if I really want the 1/6 scale versions. Mirai and Chitose are quite cute, but I always find Eiji to be lacking in the non-stock photos. There’s something dead-eyed about his expression/features, and the stock wig doesn’t lay as flat as I think it should. I have hopes for the smaller scale dolls though! Since I’m quite at home in the 1/6 scale, maybe these doll’s features would appeal to me more miniaturized? I still want to at some point own a doll that looks like Marshall Lee and maybe Prince Gumball (what would their ship name be? Marshball? Princelee? Gumlee? Gumshall?) How weird would a Marshall x Marcelline pairing be? Marshalline? Don’t judge… every ship is a valid ship.

Now back to real life. I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat T_T.


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