Saying goodbye

XD The title sounds way more ominous than it should. I’ve mentioned before that I am planning on moving in the near future, and the thought of safely packing and traveling with all my dolls is daunting. Currently, I have five Neo Blythes, 2 licca chan dolls, and 2 hujoos (yosd and super tiny).

My dolls are a source of comfort for me – a fun and simple outlet for me during times of stress or melancholy. I know for sure that I will be taking my dolls with me, as opposed to having them shipped, so I started thinking about which of my dollies were indispensable to me.
By the process of elimination, I’ve decided to try rehoming Rory, my Hujoo Nano Rabi, and my pink haired Licca chan. If you’re interested in any of these girls, please send me an email at and I will send you the listing link.

Hujoo nano Rabi – comes with faceup, eyes as shown, and a knitted sweater of my choosing. Listed on eBay for $56 shipped.

Rory – fake base doll with real Didee Eureka scalp. She has some eye mech issues (the mech was broken then repaired, the eyes change well except on the brown side facing chips), and she has a scratch on her left lid painting. Her fake body has rubbery legs. Listed on eBay for $105 shipped.

Licca chan – Merry go Round licca chan with a different body than her original. Her body is a non tilt neck licca body that says Takara China on the back. There are some marks on her legs, but they’re quite faint (I haven’t tried removing them). $25 shipped.

It’s weird! My shelf will now only have four neos and one licca chan (and the yosd Hujoo in my closet). I kind of feel less pressure when thinking “how will I take them all?” I’m also glad that I held back on purchasing all the dolls in this year and a half I’ve been in this hobby.

4 thoughts on “Saying goodbye

  1. Its sad to know you are letting some of your girls go… but honestly having a big move with dolls is a pain… I once moved my dolls from the uk to hong kong and now I am trying to move them all back to the uk… though I have moved half of the deboxed ones back to the uk first (both shipping with my case and by the post) but I have still got another half of them along with the still-in-the-box ones… I am not brave enough to let them go like you do =(

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    • I’m sad but also a little relieved. I feel like four Blythes and one small licca chan (the yosd I’ll just have shipped because he has no face up and is sturdier than my Blythes) is a manageable number to pack. Also, once I’m settled in my new life, I feel like there will be no stopping the influx of new dollies ^^. Or maybe I’ll grow to super appreciate the girls I have and feel fulfilled (lol maybe but I doubt it).

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