The tiniest hipster to ever hipster

I decided to dive into my Blythe wardrobe to redress my (still nameless!) Licca chan. I’m still doing some trial and error to see what fits and what is too big. I thought her flannel shirt and jeans were not complete without a beanie, so I attempted to crochet one!

This is the smallest hat I’ve ever made, and it’s still a bit too bulky. I might try knitting a beanie instead, but I’m slightly intimidated by knitting in the round for something that tiny. What I really want now is some large black frame glasses for her! 

I’m also currently working on a pair of tiny baby socks! They’re the Rose City Rollers sock pattern by Orange Knits. I’ve started the second sock, but dang, do I really not want to XD. I guess after the first sock, the pattern becomes really monotonous. I’m really excited to see these socks on my baby cousin’s wee feet ^^. 

I’m really looking forward to the long weekend, kind of just to catch up on things I’ve been meaning to do… Like declutter some more dolly clothes, finish some of my WiPs… catch up on some sleep.

One more thing! I’m having a sale at my etsy store for 20% off with code SUMMERSALE. 

5 thoughts on “The tiniest hipster to ever hipster

  1. only good thing about making baby things is they are so small at least they work up quickly. I have the same problem when making sicks, gloves etc – anything that comes in two’s gets so borrrring! the doll outfit is 100% hipster! love it!

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  2. Large black frame glasses would definitely complete that outfit! πŸ˜€ I bet there are some out there that would fit her. Her head’s clearly bigger than a modern Licca-chan, but how much bigger? If it’s Monster High sized, then there are tons of glasses out there. (And if there aren’t any factory-made ones that would fit the bill, there’s places to get handmade resin ones…though those would probably have to be painted black, rather than coming already in black.)

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    • Hmmm I don’t know! I will have to measure her head when I get home. I’m hoping Barbie glasses or Eah/MH glasses might fit her since they’re so accessible.


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