Dreams fulfilled – in which I gush about Pokemon Go

So the new Pokemon Go app came out yesterday for iPhone and Android and I started playing this morning. 

I just felt this overwhelming need to blog excitedly about this app. I’m not even forming coherent thoughts. 


  • I love this app just because it allows me to fulfill that dream I had when I was 11 to be a Pokemon trainer.
  • It really motivates me to walk more in order to explore the map and encounter more Pokemon.
  • The experience seems quite tailored to each individual since it uses GPS and the phone’s camera to lock onto nearby Pokemon and landmarks.


  • The map isn’t very detailed… Think of google maps where you only really see where roads and bodies of water are.
  • It burns through my phone’s battery really quickly 😦
  • The whole point seems to be playing while on the move, but I can see how this could be potentially dangerous if the player isn’t as aware of their surroundings (hence that warning when you load the app).
  • I wish there was more character customization.
  • The use of the camera is a bit awkward. Picture me in the subway, spinning around like crazy with my phone trying to find something that isn’t actually there.


I’m going on a walk during lunch ^^. 

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