A peek at the doll shelf

^^ I got my orders of doll clothes (two sleep forever dresses and one second hand ronmiel set). I have to say, getting in dolly time is SUPER hard when the kitten wants to be a part of everything I do. I only managed to get the girls on my shelf redressed (will tackle the girls in the glass house tomorrow hopefully). 

From left to right:

  • Marina is wearing a minijijo dress, a knitted cardigan, and rement Mary Janes.
  • Mikan is wearing one of my new Sleep forever dresses and shoes from Kuloft.
  • Remy is wearing the Ronmiel long sleeve shirt, a pinafore from missblythe2012, and loafers from a Daiso Elly chan set.
  • Reese is wearing a plasticfashion dress and rement Mary Janes.

What you see here is the shelf that my two cats can’t reach (YET). I have the IKEA huset set displayed, as well as a chair I picked up from Daiso. I plan on painting the table with some chalk paint, wallpapering the back of the shelf, and crocheting a cuter rug… some day XD.

I feel so behind in my crafting/hobbies. It’s hard to get anything done with the kitten bouncing around (she’s so stinking cute and sweet from time to time that it’s hard for me to stay annoyed with her).

🙂 I hope to fit more dolly time in this long weekend.

Mail roll call:

  • Cu-poche figure from Hot Topic
  • A repainted obitsu head from eBay
  • 2 Licca chan dolls from Mandarake

… not… terrible… right? … I need to control my spending but something about the year ending is making me stress shop.

Because Dolls > (Almost) Everything

I came into a little bit of money this Christmas, I decided to spend it (and then some) on doll related things. Yay fun things! Boo practicality (but seriously though… I need clothes. My dolls have a better wardrobe and shoes than I do). 

I’m not sure if I mentioned this in a previous post, but I decided to spend a gift card on some Sleepforever duds:

Both are not my photos (they’re the seller’s photos), and they link back to the listed item on Etsy. 

I have two dresses in the same pattern, and I really love how they fit on Licca chan (even my 2nd Gen Repro!). I know collars and sleeves take more time to add to a dress, and since they’re so tiny, I would never have the patience to add them to a handmade piece of clothing (not even when i crochet or knit really…). I once tried sewing a dress with collars and proceeded to nope myself out of it and rage quit. 

I also did a thing… I made my first Mandarake order for these two Licca dolls >_<. I really like the stock and the hair style of the girl in the first photo, and the 2nd Licca chan I will be sending away to be repainted (another thing I don’t really have the patience or satisfactory skill for). Mandarake is dangerous… I’ve added to my wishlist a Petworks Usagii, Petworks Hitzie, and a Cu-poche figurine (help). 

Other than the above, I’m also waiting for some more mundane things (some quartz crystals I scored for cheap on eBay, kitten kibble, a board game, and an electric razor for my kitten’s butt… because she has not mastered the skill of not getting poop on her long hair).

Hopefully this stuff comes in soon, and I can share my haul!

Some holiday hauling

I really can’t believe 2016 is almost over. I probably said this about 2015, but this year really flew by. It’s kind of scary how fast it went, and I feel like this sort of feeling is a sign of aging. 10 years ago, I don’t think I felt this way (I think I felt like time inched forward). 

In 2016, I quit my job, moved to California, and adopted a new kitten. I got my first car. I made new friends. 2016 was a big year.

To treat myself during this holiday, I’ve been window shopping these past few days. I bought some shoes on the second hand market, and I’m pretty pleased :3 .

Check it! I kind of only really wanted the boots and the two Mary Janes, as I’m not a fan of Barbie heels for blythe or licca. 

I love how the Mary Janes look on Mikan! I think these shoes might be a tad too big for regular blythe feet, but I was looking for shoes for licca anyway ^^.

Also stinking cute ^^.

I feel pretty complete with my shoe collection. 

I hope everyone has an awesome holiday!

Feeling spiritual

I’ve always been interested in magic and the supernatural. A few years ago, I picked up my first tarot deck – the Mystic Faerie Tarot deck, and I liked using it not to predict anything, but to give me a different perspective on my life or problems. This particular tarot deck comes with a book that relates the cards to stories with morals. The deck was relatively easy to use and I really liked the art. 

Recently, my sister with whom I don’t share much in common, expressed interest in tarot cards, so I gifted her one of her choice for Christmas ^^. I pulled out my own deck and brushed up. I even read the cards for myself and my friend (who ended up borrowing my deck to see how she would like having one – yay :3).

I also picked up a new deck for myself and also a book to help me better read the cards (because it’s really complicated). 

I shuffled through the cards of the Dreaming Way Tarot, and the art is beautiful, but when I read the booklet that came with the cards, I was surprised by the intention of the cards and the suggested reading (because I’m a tarot noob). This deck focuses more inward with the goal of obtaining contentment with what is (appreciating good things). It’s actually what I need, to have a more positive perspective.

I ventured off to the local spiritual/crystal shops in my area, and I picked up two stones for myself and a handful of stones for my sister. I also attempted to wire-wrap an Amethyst to give to my sister ^^. I’m quite pleased with the result and I’m going to make one for myself (oops, I might be picking up a new interest).

As for crocheting/knitting, I’m currently working on a throw made out of some chunky acrylic yarn. I’m no where near done >_< which is the problem with big projects. It’s also taking me longer because I can only crochet when the kitten is sleeping. 

All in all, I think I had a good weekend.

Mikan desu.

Yeah I’m kind of a weeb. 

I decided on the name Mikan, which means mandarin in Japanese. It’s a fruit that is pretty much exclusively eaten during the winter in my house, so whenever it gets cold outside, I usually kind of want to eat one of these fruit. It’s also the name of the protagonist from a manga I used to read called Gakuen Alice (I don’t really like this character but whatevs). 

I’m pretty impressed by her licca body. It’s quite sturdy and it’s a non-tilt neck body. She also comes with pretty nice boy short undies ^^.

She comes with these cute silver earrings, which I like because they don’t look too plastic-y.

I kind of feel a second wind coming on.

Out of the plastic prison

A (not really) new addition to my doll family – I decided to unbox a licca doll, though it’s been almost a year since I purchased her. I had every intention to sell her, since after some research, I found out that she’s kind of an older licca (though she has a 4th gen face mold), with a really nice stock kimono.

She is Plum Kimono Licca Chan. 

She has dark reddish brown hair, which I will most likely never restyle (like my repro licca). I haven’t undressed/redressed this girl yet, but I’m excited to see how many layers the kimono actually is and get a look at the construction. When I redress her this weekend, I’ll get to thinking of her name too. I was thinking Mikan, which means tangerine in Japanese… Because it’s a favorite winter fruit snack.

I haven’t been able to do anything with yarn recently because my kitten won’t leave it alone. :-/ only when she’s napping can I quietly make a couple of stitches (until she wakes up and notices what I’m doing). 

🙂 will update again with new outfits on my girls soon.

Some peace and quiet

Because of the new kitten, I haven’t been able to do much with my dolls or with yarn. She has a way of wanting to be a part of everything that my older cat and I do. Today, after a bit of cleaning and tiring the baby out with a good play session, I got to redressing my Blythes and organizing my shelf ^^.

My dolls are as inaccessible to my pets as I could make them. I have three girls in an IKEA socker greenhouse, and three girls on one of my shelves. I even took my IKEA huset living room furniture out of the box! 

I really like the doll furniture set ($17 at IKEA). I will probably repaint the chair and table at some point, but I don’t mind the color of the couch cover. I like that I have the option to have my girls sitting instead of on their stands.

I think my favorite outfits this week are worn by Finley and Reese ^^. 

I hope to make it out to the local blythe meet soon! I missed the last one because LA is too far away for me to confidently drive, but i think I’m getting the hang of driving now to feel less afraid to venture out that far. 

^^ Also, I may have mentioned that I sent a girl away to be customized. I aim to start a sort of vision board for her to send over to Jann as inspiration. I think I’ve been pretty good this year about buying dolls (I think I just purchased the repro licca and the Hi-ho marine blythe), so getting my new blythe customized is sort of my xmas gift to myself! Very excited :3.

Gratuitous cat family photo, and till my next post, folks.