Out of the plastic prison

A (not really) new addition to my doll family – I decided to unbox a licca doll, though it’s been almost a year since I purchased her. I had every intention to sell her, since after some research, I found out that she’s kind of an older licca (though she has a 4th gen face mold), with a really nice stock kimono.

She is Plum Kimono Licca Chan. 

She has dark reddish brown hair, which I will most likely never restyle (like my repro licca). I haven’t undressed/redressed this girl yet, but I’m excited to see how many layers the kimono actually is and get a look at the construction. When I redress her this weekend, I’ll get to thinking of her name too. I was thinking Mikan, which means tangerine in Japanese… Because it’s a favorite winter fruit snack.

I haven’t been able to do anything with yarn recently because my kitten won’t leave it alone. :-/ only when she’s napping can I quietly make a couple of stitches (until she wakes up and notices what I’m doing). 

🙂 will update again with new outfits on my girls soon.

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