Mikan desu.

Yeah I’m kind of a weeb. 

I decided on the name Mikan, which means mandarin in Japanese. It’s a fruit that is pretty much exclusively eaten during the winter in my house, so whenever it gets cold outside, I usually kind of want to eat one of these fruit. It’s also the name of the protagonist from a manga I used to read called Gakuen Alice (I don’t really like this character but whatevs). 

I’m pretty impressed by her licca body. It’s quite sturdy and it’s a non-tilt neck body. She also comes with pretty nice boy short undies ^^.

She comes with these cute silver earrings, which I like because they don’t look too plastic-y.

I kind of feel a second wind coming on.

8 thoughts on “Mikan desu.

  1. Hi Olive.

    May I kindly ask a few questions about sharing accessories between Blythe and Licca? Do Licca earrings fit Blythe earring holes (the occasional releases with actual factory made holes)? Additionally, are Licca shoes really that much bigger?

    Thank you for all the lovely pics you’ve shared


    • Hello! I don’t know about the licca earrings, but licca shoes are bigger than blythe shoes/feet. I will take a photo comparing the shoes later tonight πŸ™‚


  2. Thanks, Olive πŸ™‚ I know that some people whittle down licca feet to fit them into Blythe shoes, but I just wasn’t sure how big a difference they were. What makes it more confusing is that Ebay sellers always conflate Licca and Blythe shoes together.

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