Shopping (temporarily) soothes the soul

So remember that thing I did? :< My Mandarake order came in today, as well as one of my crystals from eBay, and a 2nd hand checkered blouse I scored off of Facebook from a friend ^^. 

To be completely honest, I made the order with the intention of getting a licca chan for customization, and I wanted to add another Licca to make the international shipping worth it. Nadeshiko Japan (the soccer player Licca) was fairly cheap and the one I will be sending off for a repaint. Her stock is really nice (not sure when my dolls will want to dress as soccer players though) – the material is sturdy and overall well made. Her face though 😦 her factory painted lips are kind of off center. Good thing I’m sending her away ^^. 

The Licca Bijou series is so FANCY. I picked this particular girl from the series because of her stock and short, dark hair. She has a pretty nice leather jacket, some nice squishy black boots, and sunnies! 

I’m not sure what I’ll name her yet… I think I need to redress her to figure it out because right now, my brain is just like “name her Bijou. Or Ribbon.”

Too cool for school. 

Her stock is also really well made! The Bijou series is a bit more expensive than the basic Licca, and she feels more expensive too. I do worry about her feet and arms though, since she didn’t come with socks and her knitted top is sleeveless (staining oh noes). 

>_< I’ve lost track of what I’m waiting on. And I’m running out of shelf space D: .

4 thoughts on “Shopping (temporarily) soothes the soul

  1. Ooh! I really like the close up pic of the Bijou with her flared lash paint, her pink color rich lipstick and pearls. She really does look like her name would be “Bijou”. With her little sunglasses I imagine her driving around in a new tiny emerald green Jaguar 🙂 Maybe on her way to pick up a tiny fashionable Starbucks Latte 😀

    Are all the Licca outfits easily interchangeable for Blythe dolls?

    You’re right though, the boots would make me nervous without tights or socks. I just ordered my Juliette white tights so I have another layer when her shoes come in, and for her to hang out in between outfits.

    What crystal did you buy? I have a large collection of crystals and stones of my own 😀


    • Licca is slightly more petite than blythe, but the clothes generally fit interchangeably (blythe clothes tend to be baggy on Licca bodies though). XD she’s too cool for me. I’m not sure I have anything cooler than her stock outfit on my doll wardrobe. ^^ also, the stone in the photo is a rose quartz. I’m starting to really get back into crystals.


      • Squeee! I just checked out a few Licca dolls and I can get entire outfits for the price of 1 Blythe item (in some cases). WIN! Thanks for the info! 🙂

        I totally the missed the crystal point in the photo because I was so focused on the dolls- LOL! Rose quartz is an excellent all around stone for soothing energies and helping to calm one’s mind.

        Regarding crystals 🙂 Why yes! I do have favorites and a bunch I can recommend. It all depends on the purpose you’re applying them to. For sheer beauty and a pleasing energy I recommend Rainbow Flourite and deep purple Amethyst. If you’re looking for grounding and shielding I recommend Black Tourmaline. But Tourmaline in it’s raw form is fragile and can splinter or chip easily. So if you’re looking to carry it with you or handle it often, look for a smooth “palm stone”. Also one of my all time favorites is Ametrine. This stone occurs when BOTH Amethyst and Citrine combine. It’s a pale to medium clear purple melting into light orange. It’s beautiful and feels fantastic when you’re working with it. It is excellent for working with perception, divination, and spiritual pursuits. The Citrine qualities help give a power boost and focus your energies along with clearing negative/heavy energy. Labradorite is not only a beautiful but powerful stone that helps us to embrace changes, it promotes flexibility and openness, while also offers a protective quality to our energetic fields. This stone comes in a variety of color variations all of which are reminiscent of a small galaxy or solar wind in your hand! Beautiful blues and orange, green and silver occur in what’s called “flash”. As you tilt the stone you’ll see different color plays flash through it.

        I can keep going for awhile on this subject since it’s part of what I do (I work with people energetically). I’ve also loved rocks and crystals since I was a little girl- my taste just got more expensive- LOL! 😀


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