Kind of obsessed

I ordered a Cu-poche Cherie from Hot Topic, of all places, and finally opened the box for this figure. Cu-poche seems like Kotobukiya’s response to Good Smile’s nendoroids. They have similar features as nendoroids, but they have jointed bodies. I think the thing that sold me on buying this figure was that the body is about the size of Kelly dolls or obitsu 11cm dolls, they have magnetic feet, and their magnetic feet! 

I’m not wild about the current Cu-poche releases of official characters, but the Cu-poche friends caught my eye. I guess these friends are like original characters that are the super basic line. I found Cherie for sale at Hot Topic (online) for a decent price, and decided to give her a shot. 

I feel like Cu-poche was everything I wanted Nendoroid to be. The body is poseable, it can balance without a stand, it has magnetic feet that helps with posing (and that magnetic base can easily be photoshopped away), and the body can wear cloth clothes!

I really want Cupoche Alice! Her stock is so cute! I think I might be obsessed…

5 thoughts on “Kind of obsessed

    • I think… I will keep her as Cherie XD. I think one day, if I accumulate enough parts (I sound like dr Frankenstein), I might attempt to make an original character. I think it’s the same thing where I wouldn’t rename nenderoids because they’re character figures. But I don’t know yet! Maybe a better name than Cherie will hit me ^^.

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