My first tiny

If you don’t count my Cu-poche! 

Channeling early Bieber or Zac Efron.

I wish Obitsu came out with a doll body with the same proportions as the Azone Picco Neemo! I don’t see this girl as a child, especially with her eyes. I’m planning on making a junkyspot order, and I’m considering picking up a 11cm body and a 21cm body… hoping the 21cm body will suit her and not look weird.

I’m also considering making a wig out of alpaca! I don’t know though. I’m at that point where I feel like I don’t get many opportunities to craft (what with the new kitten), and I already have quite a few of half started projects. 

The completionist in me is telling me to finish:

  • The blanket I started a month ago
  • The other sock I haven’t knitted
  • Needle felting those daiso kits I purchased two months ago


Instead, I will watch Great British Bake Off and bake my cinnamon cookies.

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