Scaling down to 1:12

Initial thoughts – I really like the Picco neemo body! I got it in fleshtone Picco neemo s. It’s so TINY! I’m not a fan of the wig, which was hard to get on. It’s too poofy and bulbous 😦 so I may have to just grit my teeth and attempt making a wig. Lastly, I wish her mouth was closed :-/.

^^ I have been a bit obsessed with repainted heads or just painted faces. I found this obitsu head for a steal on eBay and I decided to treat myself. I love her eyes and I’m always impressed by how someone can paint on something so tiny.

Just a quick post :-/. I’ve been way busy recently – my kitten got spayed and since I live in a tiny studio, I’ve had to figure out how to keep her confined and separate from my older cat (bathroom is a no go because of poor ventilation), I’ve been trying to lose weight (unsuccessfully) by spending some time on a treadmill, and I’m trying to keep up with my other hobbies such as knitting, crocheting, and journaling >_<. My name is Olive, and I’m addicted to having hobbies.

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