Blythe meets BJD world

I went to a doll meet today (40 scary minutes on the freeway D:), and it was an experience. The breakdown was like 90% BJD or Dolfie Dream, 8% azone, 2% other. My dolls were the 2% other. I brought Finley (my Chantilly Lace custom Cadence Majorette), Elowyn (Cherie Babette), and Mikan (one of my liccas), and I kind of felt like the lone stamp collector in a large group of coin collectors. XD I felt like I showed up to the wrong meet up.

The people at the meet were really nice and welcoming. I just felt a bit out of my element. My favorite doll I saw today wasn’t a bjd, but an Azone Kiki pop!

Kind of tempted by the azone kikipop, I’m not going to lie. Less tempted by these ladies:

I prefer Blythe because of the scale, and just how not serious they are. They’re lower maintenance and they look like toys (in varying degrees depending on how customized it is). I do have a fascination of bjds and how much work goes into them, but (for now) it’s an “admire from afar” type of thing for me.


3 thoughts on “Blythe meets BJD world

  1. I’m not going to lie, I would’ve been a member of the 90% had I been there. Your dolls would’ve definitely caught my eye, though. Your Licca’s skirt is adorable, by the way! Did you make it yourself?

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    • Thank you! Yes ^^ I crocheted it! The theme of the meet was Valentine’s Day so I tried to dress my dolls in pink or red. It was interesting to see the bjds in person, especially the smart doll. And I did get a ton of good photos. It was just a different environment for me. The bjds were all carefully posed on the table. None of the holding a doll and posing it against different backdrops the public space had to offer (which I get, because blythe dolls are smaller and easier to move about). Also, I wasn’t sure if it was okay to ask if I could touch a doll to see how the joints worked. I felt a bit out of place, since I don’t know much about bjds or the community.


  2. I thin I would be a member between BJD and Azone… but I would love to see a Licca and Blythe in Person. Blythe are not the Kind of doll for me, but I feel the same way as you with BJD. I think every Blythe I see looks so unique and different, and I would like to see how they work, especially the eyes 🙂 So yes the BJD community is maybe the biggest, but not more interesting than Blythe, Azone and all the other beautiful dolls… so don’t worry 😉

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