Blythe meets BJD world

I went to a doll meet today (40 scary minutes on the freeway D:), and it was an experience. The breakdown was like 90% BJD or Dolfie Dream, 8% azone, 2% other. My dolls were the 2% other. I brought Finley (my Chantilly Lace custom Cadence Majorette), Elowyn (Cherie Babette), and Mikan (one of my liccas), and I kind of felt like the lone stamp collector in a large group of coin collectors. XD I felt like I showed up to the wrong meet up.

The people at the meet were really nice and welcoming. I just felt a bit out of my element. My favorite doll I saw today wasn’t a bjd, but an Azone Kiki pop!

Kind of tempted by the azone kikipop, I’m not going to lie. Less tempted by these ladies:

I prefer Blythe because of the scale, and just how not serious they are. They’re lower maintenance and they look like toys (in varying degrees depending on how customized it is). I do have a fascination of bjds and how much work goes into them, but (for now) it’s an “admire from afar” type of thing for me.

4 thoughts on “Blythe meets BJD world

  1. I’m not going to lie, I would’ve been a member of the 90% had I been there. Your dolls would’ve definitely caught my eye, though. Your Licca’s skirt is adorable, by the way! Did you make it yourself?

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    • Thank you! Yes ^^ I crocheted it! The theme of the meet was Valentine’s Day so I tried to dress my dolls in pink or red. It was interesting to see the bjds in person, especially the smart doll. And I did get a ton of good photos. It was just a different environment for me. The bjds were all carefully posed on the table. None of the holding a doll and posing it against different backdrops the public space had to offer (which I get, because blythe dolls are smaller and easier to move about). Also, I wasn’t sure if it was okay to ask if I could touch a doll to see how the joints worked. I felt a bit out of place, since I don’t know much about bjds or the community.


  2. I thin I would be a member between BJD and Azone… but I would love to see a Licca and Blythe in Person. Blythe are not the Kind of doll for me, but I feel the same way as you with BJD. I think every Blythe I see looks so unique and different, and I would like to see how they work, especially the eyes 🙂 So yes the BJD community is maybe the biggest, but not more interesting than Blythe, Azone and all the other beautiful dolls… so don’t worry 😉

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  3. I find it interesting that the doll you found most to your tastes was my kikipop. Funny enough. I own a bjd that was at that meet as well as a dollfie dream and a couple of azone pure neemos which were all present there hahaha.

    I discovered this post from Google images as I saw my kikipop being picked up by a unfamiliar hand. So I was curious. We didn’t meet that day, But, Glad you liked her!

    It’s understandable that everyone has their own tastes. I started off with pullips myself many years ago. Then moved on to bjds, azone pure neemos and most recently dollfie dreams.

    Though I do love my sugar cookie, She’s defiantly cute! Her posing is atrocious and so I don’t take her out too often.

    I did want to add though! We do have meets with backdrops actually and that are themed well with props and home made outfits all the things you’d expect. But. At the private clubroom.

    We do full on photo sessions with a lighting kit, props and such. This however was a more casual public hangout gathering.

    Unfortunately, Given that these are 3 – 700 dollar dolls and are delicate in nature and also that this is a public space, Not a private one. Most people understandably want to take caution when posing their dolls.

    We have many multi collectors that come with all types. Yes. Bjds, dollfie dream, azone. These are popular but mostly because there are just many owners in the area with them. There are others with pullip, licca and the like. But they are usually multi collectors and what they bring is different each event.

    I am personally drawn to my dollfie dreams the most. Because I find them absolutely adorable , With minimal effort , They pose like a boss and I can always take great photos of them. They are just too cute and soft and squishy as well.

    Anyway it was interesting to see another viewpoint on things and I’m terribly sorry you felt left out because that’s exactly what we try to avoid and want everyone to feel welcome.

    Sometimes at a meet you’ll see a certain doll and end up wanting it. Then next meet another person buys that doll type because you were the first to bring it!

    This actually has happened a few times. I do know some other girl brought a licca last time. And I do have a few friends that want blythes.

    We like to think every doll is unique and there is a doll out there for everyone. Personally. I’m a multi collector so I love seeing a variety and I enjoy all types.

    I hope this response was a bit informative for you and that you feel open checking out another meet in the future or at the clubroom!


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